Birthday Gift

What do you want for your birthday?”
“I want to have my way with you.”

He opened the gate for her and then went in to the bedroom, undressed and lay on his stomach on the bed as instructed.

He heard her come in and go to the bathroom. A few minutes later he heard her come into the room. He felt her get onto the bed at the foot. She used her knee to push his legs open. He felt that she was wearing stockings.
She leaned her body and whispered in his ear “close your eyes and enjoy the sensation as I bring your body to life”

She started stroking his entire body. It was soft – a feather maybe. She took her time moving all over his body. All the way down between his legs too. He could feel his body getting goosebumps in response to it.

Next were her hands.  Firm strokes. Allowing his skin to experience her hands all over it. She knew just how to adjust the pressure to all the different body parts.

Next was a hard object – a roller of sorts. Pleasurable pain. He moaned softly.

Now her lips on him. brrrrr…… that was cold. She had ice in her mouth that she was moving all over. Stopping at the base of his back so that the melting ice ran between his bum cheeks.

His body was alive. Nerve endings on end. She leaned her body over his and whispered his ear. “Turn over” and moved off him.

He rolled over and looked at her kneeling at the foot of his bed. She was wearing sexy black lingerie with fishnet stockings and back heels. His already hard cock got harder.

She placed her hands on his ankles and started massaging them firmly up his legs. She placed her hands on his hips, looked up into his eyes and then lowered herself to take his cock in her mouth. Her mouth was still cold from the ice and it sent a shiver through him. He watched her ass bouncing up and down with the rhythm of her sucking.  Those squats were paying off.

She stopped moments before he thought he would explode. She moved up and lowered herself onto his cock (the panties were crutch-less). She moved with long, firm strokes along his shaft, rubbing her engorged clit along its base.  He could see her pupils dilate, her cheeks grow flushed, her back arching. Her movements became faster. She was gripping him tightly. He felt and saw her explosion at the same time.

She fell off him. He got off the bed and pulled her by the legs so that she was right at the edge with her legs up against his chest. He entered her deeply, and hard. He pounded her with the rhythm that worked best for him. He could see that she was at the brink again. “Cum with me….”  a few more hard thrusts and they cried out in unison…..

“Happy Birthday”

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