The club

They’d been together for a long time and their sex was amazing. They had started chatting about what else they could do. How they could ensure that they kept the spark that they had alive. He’d mentioned that he’d always had a fantasy about watching other people have sex, and maybe being watched.

The day had finally arrived. Their membership had been approved and they were both nervously excited as they followed the direction to the secret location they had been sent.
There were a hand full of cars parked in front of the farm style house.

“You look super sexy” he said as they walked it. “I bet we’ll be the Hottest couple here”

“Welcome, please go through to the bar and have a drink. We’ll be calling all the newbies at 8 for the introduction and tour.”

They followed instructions. He ordered their drinks and they looked around. A couple came and introduced themselves and made small talk. They were regulars and introduced them to a number of other people as they arrived.

They were back at the bar after the tour. The club had filled up. They were greeted by a few of the people they had been introduced to earlier. With drinks in hand they decided to take a walk around. There were people busy everywhere. Couples kissing, girls kissing, women giving men blow jobs. The dance floor was full of people in all states of undress gyrating to the music and against each other.

They went to the lockers and undressed and wrapped towels around them. They decided to get fresh drinks and go to the pool. There were people having sex all over. Couples and groups. The sexual energy in the air was palpable.

She removed her towel and stood naked, waiting for him to do the same. He did and she saw that he had an enormous erection. He grabbed her and kissed her hungrily. He picked her up and walked her into the small pool. They were in full view of everyone. He put her down. She got onto her knees and took his big cock into her mouth. She could feel his excitement grow very quickly. She knew that he was even more turned on by everyone watching them. She wanted to see too. She grabbed his hips and pushed him down. She lowered herself onto him in reverse cowgirl. There were people performing all sorts of sexual acts around them. Others were standing around just watching them. They were going to give them a show.
She moved slowly up and down his shaft, arching her back. If felt amazing and she knew it looked good. They were one of the hottest couples there.
He lifted her off him and lay her on her back at the side of the pool. He was still in the pool. He spread her legs open and put them over his shoulders as he went down on her. She didnt know if she was so wet from the water or her own juices. She didn’t care. He put a finger inside her and started massaging her engorged wall as his tongue performed its magic on her clit. She arched up towards him. Her hips moving desperately. She was seeing stars. She was aware of the sounds of passion around them. He paused before finger fucking her hard and sucking her. She cried out as she exploded. There was no doubt where the wetness was coming from now. She sat up and slid into the water and his arms. “That was so hot!” And he kissed her.
He stepped into the deeper pool with her legs wrapped around him. She let out a gasp as he entered her. They were causing waves with their fucking. He pushed her against the side so that he had more control . She was contracting hard around his cock. She came again. This time biting hard into his shoulder. He turned her around and grabbed a handful of her hair as he took his own pleasure. She cried out as she came with him. She looked around and saw a lot of appreciation and lust in the eyes of those who had watched.

They grabbed their towels and went to freshen their drinks and watch others before they were ready for round two.

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