Pleasure and Pain

He’d invited her around as he had a new dish that he wanted to make for her. She loved his cooking.

She opened and poured the champagne for herself and whiskey for him.  The underfloor heating was slowly warming the house up.

She handed him an apron “Put this on”. As he took the apron from her she picked up a wooden spoon and ran it over his shirt, down his pants and ended with a hard smack on his bum. “Take this off first”

He swiftly removed his clothes. Soon he was just in the apron. She gave him an approving once over.

She lined a few songs up on the play list, and poured more drinks.

She watched him go about his cooking. As he was leaning over the stove stirring one of the aromatic pots, she walked up behind him and put a peg on each nipple. She gave him a few minutes to adjust and then picked up the rubber spatula and smacked him hard on his exposed ass.

She stopped him as he was walking to the fridge and kissed him passionately, hitting his hands when he tried to touch her.

She removed the pegs and put them on his ears. She loved his reaction as it wasn’t something he’d experienced before.

She continued finding different kitchen equipment to spank him with and alternated the placement of the pegs. She would kiss him without allowing him to touch her.

When dinner was ready, she made him remove the apron and serve her naked. The food was out of this world.

While he was cleaning up and packing the dishwasher, she went and changed.

She walked up behind him dressed in a leather corset and very small leather skirt, strap on, fishnet stocking and thigh high boots. She ran the crop up the back of his legs and between his ass. She smacked him right on his balls.  She put a dog collar with a chain attached to it around his neck, made him get onto all fours and led him to the lounge that she had prepared with the gas heater, drinks and various pleasure aids.

Once in the lounge, she ran the flogger up and down his body, hitting all his sensitive parts, nipples, balls and penis head. She’d learned the perfect technique and could hit him just with the tip.

She stood in front of him. “Suck this”. She pushed the dildo into his mouth and ran the crop up and down his body, hitting him hard any time he slowed down or stopped.

She pulled out abruptly and instructed him to bend over the couch. She spanked him hard a few times with the paddle. She ran a generous amount of lube between his ass cheeks. She used her hands to spread it all over. She took a butt plug and inserted it.  She alternated between massaging his back and shoulders and spanking him.

She removed the butt plug. “I want you to look at me in the mirror. Don’t stop eye contact at any stage” She swiftly put a condom on the strap on and lubbed it up. She held his gaze as she opened his ass cheeks and pushed the strap on into him. His eyes widened and he let out a gasp. She started moving. Slowly at first and then faster. She put her arm around him and took his hard cock in her hand and worked it in time to her pounding. “You like that you dirty boy?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Show me. I want you to cum”

It didn’t take him long. She rewarded him with another hard slap. She removed the strap on “Clean this up” and left him as she went to go and get changed.

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