Day time fun

“Are you around? I’m horny” the message reads.

“Your place in an hour. I want you lying on your bed, naked, face down. I don’t have time to waste.”

She finishes what she’s doing at work and rushes home. She has a quick shower and shave and makes sure she’s ready as instructed at the exact arranged time.

She hears the door open and can feel her body react in anticipation.

She felts the extra weight on the bed and then simultaneous kisses in her neck and hands on her back. His knee pushes her legs apart so that he is kneeling between them whilst gently massaging her back and kissing her. She can feel his throbbing cock pressing hard against her wet pussy as she imagines how good it would feel to be stretched open slowly as he enteres her from behind grabbing her by the hair as he pulls her head back and whispers “Do you like feeling me deep inside you?”

He stars to enter her, feeling her tight, wet pussy stretching open to take him deep inside her. As the pleasure rushes through her entire body and she struggles to utter any words apart from, “aaahhhhhh yesssss!”

She feels the base of his hard cock rub firmly against her already throbbing hard clit. She feels him massage her inside as his cock is pulsating with pleasure, while he grabs her hard nipples from behind and thrusts himself even deeper into her sexy body. He is going faster with every deep thrust, harder as the pleasure washes over them and she feels herself build up to a massive orgasm. He starts to massage her swollen clit with his hand, gently hitting it a few times as he kisses her neck. She wants to scream with pleasure as she explodes.

He pulls out and lies on his back. She gets up and sits on his face, sliding her wet pussy over his tongue as she shivers with pleasure.

She moves down his body and straddles him reverse cow girl style while he massages her clit from behind. His cock is pulsating deep inside her. He is kissing her all over her back and gently biting her. He grabs her firm breasts and massages her hard nipples as he trusts in deeper. He can feel her sliding up and down his hard shaft, as she gets more and more wet. She can’t get enough.

She cums all over him, her entire pussy dripping wet form the pleasure as she contracts  around his cock. He can’t hold back any more and she feels how warm it gets deep inside as he shoots his load. His entire body is pulsating with pleasure. As is hers.

He pushed her onto her back and slowly blows over her whole body. Her body is covered with Goosebumps of pure pleasure. She arches up towards him. He is still hard, and takes her one last time quickly and hard. She reaches her peak and can’t stop the cry of pleasure as it escapes her. He takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately.




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