Fetish introduction

I’ve always been interested in different lifestyles and how they work and who they draw.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I would like to accompany him to a fetish party. I said yes, of course.

The theme was steam punk or black or fetish. I dressed in a short leather shirt with a steam punk themed top, high boots and fishnet stockings. I felt and looked the part.

We arrived early as instructed as there was a new comers tour at 8pm.  After paying our entrance fee, we walked through to the bar. I was intrigued by the people who were there already. Much to my disappointment, no one was wearing anything outrageous. Mostly tutus, corsets and heels for the ladies and black for the men. One or two dog collars on display and one young boy with only briefs and sitting in a corner.

There were various pieces of “furniture” on the dance floor. A wooden structure, a large suspension ring and a bench with leather padding. There was a DJ setting up on the stage.

We stood at the bar with our drinks and watched as groups of people arrived. Many of them seemed to know each other. The atmosphere was jovial.

I overheard one of the girls excitedly telling her friend that she was going to be tied up and suspended. A few of the guys took their shirts off and the conversations were becoming animated.

Just after 8 an announcement was made that all new comers should go to the back room.

There was a four poster bed, cage and other ‘toys’ in the room.  I was very keen to explore but had to wait until the intro was over. The ‘boss’ introduced himself and went through the rules. Nothing strange or unusual. He introduced the dungeon masters and explained each ones speciality.  I’d never heard of some of them… like needling and knifing. I wasn’t sure I was ready to be exposed to them yet. He also mentioned that the dungeon masters were happy to answer any questions we had.

We made our way back to the front room and everyone was welcomed and the birthdays for the month were read out. As the names were called, the people walked to the front. One by one they took their position bent over the leather bench and received 2 slaps from each of the dungeon masters. This indicted the opening of play time.

One of the guys without a shirt was tied to the wooden structure. The dominant started brushing his back with a flogger. As the skin started becoming pink, he moved further away and started hitting harder. After every hard hit, he went to the sub and asked if he needed to use the safe word. He kept saying ‘green’. I couldn’t watch too much of that so we walked into the back room.

We stopped and watched some rope work. It is beautiful, but I’m not sure I understand the appeal to it.

I walked to a ‘hospital bed’ at the back of the room. There was a girl sitting on it and another one had surgical gloves on and was inserting needles through her skin. There were a number of people standing around watching. Once again, I don’t understand the pleasure in it.

I looked to the side and saw a girl sitting on a lounger with her shoes on the floor next to her. There was a man kneeling in front of her worshiping her feet. Interesting to watch, but once again, it didn’t do anything for me sexually.

I looked to the four poster bed and saw a girl busy with a rope on a guy. There was something about their energy. I stood and watched for a while. I felt like a voyeur as their interaction crackled with sexual energy and passion. She seemed to take her time, stopping every so often to run her nails over his body. His entire body quivered with her touch. I couldn’t look away. There was something so appealing about what they were doing.

My friend didn’t feel the same and was getting fidgety so we moved on. We were just in time to see 3 rope bunnies being suspended. I found the way they were tied up fascinating especially since the basic rope work seemed the same but the way they were suspended was so different. One sitting upright, one leaning slightly back and the last one lying flat. I didn’t get the same sexual vibes from these girls.

I asked one of the dungeon masters what the difference was between the rope work on the four poster bed to this of the suspended ladies. He explained that the rope work on the bed is sensual and the aim of it is to heighten the sensitivity and pleasure throughout the body. He told me that knife work often goes hand and hand with it and offered to show it to me. I asked him to show me on my friend as I was very nervous.  He produces a double edged knife and proceeded to run it around my friends’ throat. When he saw the horror on my face, he handed the knife to me and showed me the it wasn’t sharp enough to cut. It was just sharp enough to scratch the skin and cause a pleasurable sensation. I like that.

We went back to the front room and watched a few more people being beaten with various whips and paddles. The most hectic one was a girl being beaten to bleeding. The thing that I found the most fascination is that no one made any sounds as they were being beaten. To me it seemed passionless.

My conclusion. ……

  • A lot of fetishes do not incorporate sex between two people.
  • Many “normal” looking people enjoy some form of fetish
  • I don’t understand most fetishes
  • I am very drawn to sensual play

The young one

They met in a pub and had been chatting, getting to know each other, for a while. He’d suggested meeting often but she was hesitant as he was 14 years younger than her. She’d agreed for him to visit her twice, but both times he’s cried off due to illness.

“I’ve got to come through to your side of the world tomorrow night. Should I pop past for a visit afterwards?” She expected him to reply that he already had plans.

“Yes!! And you can stay over”

Suddenly she was excited and nervous. She’d never been with one so much younger than her before.

“Meeting done, the GPS says 25minutes. See you shortly” The butterflies were kicking in.

She walked in and put her bag down while he poured drinks for them.

She leaned against the counter and took her drink.


He leaned in and kissed her. They didn’t seem to be able to pull apart. It was the best kiss she’d had in the longest time. Her heart was racing. Her entire body was arching into his.

When they finally managed to separate, he lead her outside where they sat chatting for a while.

“You have beautiful eyes”

She blushed. She didn’t even know she knew how to blush anymore. This young, big boy was having a strange effect on her.

They went to sit on the couch inside as she was cold. Within minutes he was kissing her again. She found herself straddling his lap. Her body had a life of its own. Her hands were all over him. His all over her.

Suddenly he stood up, she was still wrapped around his waist. He carried her like that to the bedroom. He was so big and strong. (one of her biggest turn-ons). He lay her down on the bed and started kissing her again. He took off her top. She took off his.

“I’m going to kiss your whole body”. And he did. Her body was alive. It was arching into his lips. His hands where on her pants. He loosed the zip and she lifted her hips so that he could remove them. His hot breath was causing her to get very wet as he was kissing her through her panties.

She pulled him up to her so that she could get to his pants. She ripped his button open and pushed them down.

“Condom!” as he pulled away.

She took it from him as soon as he was back and put it in her mouth.  His big cock was throbbing as she took it between her lips, working them all the way down and securing the condom at the base with her hands. He let out a groan of pleasure.  She worked her mouth up and down, loving the feeling of the veins bulging as he grew more and more excited.

“Oh, my fuck!”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She pushed him back onto the bed. She lowered herself onto him slowly, watching his eyes dilate as he entered her. He was a perfect fit. Her muscles contracted around his hard cock as she moved up and down. His large hands on her waist aiding her movement. Faster, harder, deeper……

“Cum with me!!”

They cried out in unison and they exploded.

A few minutes of recovery.  She snuggled against him. All thoughts of age banished.  She started kissing him again. He was instantly hard again.

There was no wasting time. He turned her around onto her all fours and entered her hard. She was so ready for him. Her body recognised his, and moved with his rhythm.  Every part of her could feel every part of him as he went deep into her. She could feel the build-up as her body started vibrating with pleasure. His body responded and he pulled her close and banged her like a screen door in hurricane season.

She exploded over and over and was vaguely aware of him as he cried out and collapsed on top of her. She could only smile as her body continued to vibrate with pleasure for minutes after.

This visit was the best decision she’d made in a long time.….

Birthday Gift

What do you want for your birthday?”
“I want to have my way with you.”

He opened the gate for her and then went in to the bedroom, undressed and lay on his stomach on the bed as instructed.

He heard her come in and go to the bathroom. A few minutes later he heard her come into the room. He felt her get onto the bed at the foot. She used her knee to push his legs open. He felt that she was wearing stockings.
She leaned her body and whispered in his ear “close your eyes and enjoy the sensation as I bring your body to life”

She started stroking his entire body. It was soft – a feather maybe. She took her time moving all over his body. All the way down between his legs too. He could feel his body getting goosebumps in response to it.

Next were her hands.  Firm strokes. Allowing his skin to experience her hands all over it. She knew just how to adjust the pressure to all the different body parts.

Next was a hard object – a roller of sorts. Pleasurable pain. He moaned softly.

Now her lips on him. brrrrr…… that was cold. She had ice in her mouth that she was moving all over. Stopping at the base of his back so that the melting ice ran between his bum cheeks.

His body was alive. Nerve endings on end. She leaned her body over his and whispered his ear. “Turn over” and moved off him.

He rolled over and looked at her kneeling at the foot of his bed. She was wearing sexy black lingerie with fishnet stockings and back heels. His already hard cock got harder.

She placed her hands on his ankles and started massaging them firmly up his legs. She placed her hands on his hips, looked up into his eyes and then lowered herself to take his cock in her mouth. Her mouth was still cold from the ice and it sent a shiver through him. He watched her ass bouncing up and down with the rhythm of her sucking.  Those squats were paying off.

She stopped moments before he thought he would explode. She moved up and lowered herself onto his cock (the panties were crutch-less). She moved with long, firm strokes along his shaft, rubbing her engorged clit along its base.  He could see her pupils dilate, her cheeks grow flushed, her back arching. Her movements became faster. She was gripping him tightly. He felt and saw her explosion at the same time.

She fell off him. He got off the bed and pulled her by the legs so that she was right at the edge with her legs up against his chest. He entered her deeply, and hard. He pounded her with the rhythm that worked best for him. He could see that she was at the brink again. “Cum with me….”  a few more hard thrusts and they cried out in unison…..

“Happy Birthday”

The club

They’d been together for a long time and their sex was amazing. They had started chatting about what else they could do. How they could ensure that they kept the spark that they had alive. He’d mentioned that he’d always had a fantasy about watching other people have sex, and maybe being watched.

The day had finally arrived. Their membership had been approved and they were both nervously excited as they followed the direction to the secret location they had been sent.
There were a hand full of cars parked in front of the farm style house.

“You look super sexy” he said as they walked it. “I bet we’ll be the Hottest couple here”

“Welcome, please go through to the bar and have a drink. We’ll be calling all the newbies at 8 for the introduction and tour.”

They followed instructions. He ordered their drinks and they looked around. A couple came and introduced themselves and made small talk. They were regulars and introduced them to a number of other people as they arrived.

They were back at the bar after the tour. The club had filled up. They were greeted by a few of the people they had been introduced to earlier. With drinks in hand they decided to take a walk around. There were people busy everywhere. Couples kissing, girls kissing, women giving men blow jobs. The dance floor was full of people in all states of undress gyrating to the music and against each other.

They went to the lockers and undressed and wrapped towels around them. They decided to get fresh drinks and go to the pool. There were people having sex all over. Couples and groups. The sexual energy in the air was palpable.

She removed her towel and stood naked, waiting for him to do the same. He did and she saw that he had an enormous erection. He grabbed her and kissed her hungrily. He picked her up and walked her into the small pool. They were in full view of everyone. He put her down. She got onto her knees and took his big cock into her mouth. She could feel his excitement grow very quickly. She knew that he was even more turned on by everyone watching them. She wanted to see too. She grabbed his hips and pushed him down. She lowered herself onto him in reverse cowgirl. There were people performing all sorts of sexual acts around them. Others were standing around just watching them. They were going to give them a show.
She moved slowly up and down his shaft, arching her back. If felt amazing and she knew it looked good. They were one of the hottest couples there.
He lifted her off him and lay her on her back at the side of the pool. He was still in the pool. He spread her legs open and put them over his shoulders as he went down on her. She didnt know if she was so wet from the water or her own juices. She didn’t care. He put a finger inside her and started massaging her engorged wall as his tongue performed its magic on her clit. She arched up towards him. Her hips moving desperately. She was seeing stars. She was aware of the sounds of passion around them. He paused before finger fucking her hard and sucking her. She cried out as she exploded. There was no doubt where the wetness was coming from now. She sat up and slid into the water and his arms. “That was so hot!” And he kissed her.
He stepped into the deeper pool with her legs wrapped around him. She let out a gasp as he entered her. They were causing waves with their fucking. He pushed her against the side so that he had more control . She was contracting hard around his cock. She came again. This time biting hard into his shoulder. He turned her around and grabbed a handful of her hair as he took his own pleasure. She cried out as she came with him. She looked around and saw a lot of appreciation and lust in the eyes of those who had watched.

They grabbed their towels and went to freshen their drinks and watch others before they were ready for round two.

Day time fun

“Are you around? I’m horny” the message reads.

“Your place in an hour. I want you lying on your bed, naked, face down. I don’t have time to waste.”

She finishes what she’s doing at work and rushes home. She has a quick shower and shave and makes sure she’s ready as instructed at the exact arranged time.

She hears the door open and can feel her body react in anticipation.

She felts the extra weight on the bed and then simultaneous kisses in her neck and hands on her back. His knee pushes her legs apart so that he is kneeling between them whilst gently massaging her back and kissing her. She can feel his throbbing cock pressing hard against her wet pussy as she imagines how good it would feel to be stretched open slowly as he enteres her from behind grabbing her by the hair as he pulls her head back and whispers “Do you like feeling me deep inside you?”

He stars to enter her, feeling her tight, wet pussy stretching open to take him deep inside her. As the pleasure rushes through her entire body and she struggles to utter any words apart from, “aaahhhhhh yesssss!”

She feels the base of his hard cock rub firmly against her already throbbing hard clit. She feels him massage her inside as his cock is pulsating with pleasure, while he grabs her hard nipples from behind and thrusts himself even deeper into her sexy body. He is going faster with every deep thrust, harder as the pleasure washes over them and she feels herself build up to a massive orgasm. He starts to massage her swollen clit with his hand, gently hitting it a few times as he kisses her neck. She wants to scream with pleasure as she explodes.

He pulls out and lies on his back. She gets up and sits on his face, sliding her wet pussy over his tongue as she shivers with pleasure.

She moves down his body and straddles him reverse cow girl style while he massages her clit from behind. His cock is pulsating deep inside her. He is kissing her all over her back and gently biting her. He grabs her firm breasts and massages her hard nipples as he trusts in deeper. He can feel her sliding up and down his hard shaft, as she gets more and more wet. She can’t get enough.

She cums all over him, her entire pussy dripping wet form the pleasure as she contracts  around his cock. He can’t hold back any more and she feels how warm it gets deep inside as he shoots his load. His entire body is pulsating with pleasure. As is hers.

He pushed her onto her back and slowly blows over her whole body. Her body is covered with Goosebumps of pure pleasure. She arches up towards him. He is still hard, and takes her one last time quickly and hard. She reaches her peak and can’t stop the cry of pleasure as it escapes her. He takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately.




Pleasure and Pain

He’d invited her around as he had a new dish that he wanted to make for her. She loved his cooking.

She opened and poured the champagne for herself and whiskey for him.  The underfloor heating was slowly warming the house up.

She handed him an apron “Put this on”. As he took the apron from her she picked up a wooden spoon and ran it over his shirt, down his pants and ended with a hard smack on his bum. “Take this off first”

He swiftly removed his clothes. Soon he was just in the apron. She gave him an approving once over.

She lined a few songs up on the play list, and poured more drinks.

She watched him go about his cooking. As he was leaning over the stove stirring one of the aromatic pots, she walked up behind him and put a peg on each nipple. She gave him a few minutes to adjust and then picked up the rubber spatula and smacked him hard on his exposed ass.

She stopped him as he was walking to the fridge and kissed him passionately, hitting his hands when he tried to touch her.

She removed the pegs and put them on his ears. She loved his reaction as it wasn’t something he’d experienced before.

She continued finding different kitchen equipment to spank him with and alternated the placement of the pegs. She would kiss him without allowing him to touch her.

When dinner was ready, she made him remove the apron and serve her naked. The food was out of this world.

While he was cleaning up and packing the dishwasher, she went and changed.

She walked up behind him dressed in a leather corset and very small leather skirt, strap on, fishnet stocking and thigh high boots. She ran the crop up the back of his legs and between his ass. She smacked him right on his balls.  She put a dog collar with a chain attached to it around his neck, made him get onto all fours and led him to the lounge that she had prepared with the gas heater, drinks and various pleasure aids.

Once in the lounge, she ran the flogger up and down his body, hitting all his sensitive parts, nipples, balls and penis head. She’d learned the perfect technique and could hit him just with the tip.

She stood in front of him. “Suck this”. She pushed the dildo into his mouth and ran the crop up and down his body, hitting him hard any time he slowed down or stopped.

She pulled out abruptly and instructed him to bend over the couch. She spanked him hard a few times with the paddle. She ran a generous amount of lube between his ass cheeks. She used her hands to spread it all over. She took a butt plug and inserted it.  She alternated between massaging his back and shoulders and spanking him.

She removed the butt plug. “I want you to look at me in the mirror. Don’t stop eye contact at any stage” She swiftly put a condom on the strap on and lubbed it up. She held his gaze as she opened his ass cheeks and pushed the strap on into him. His eyes widened and he let out a gasp. She started moving. Slowly at first and then faster. She put her arm around him and took his hard cock in her hand and worked it in time to her pounding. “You like that you dirty boy?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Show me. I want you to cum”

It didn’t take him long. She rewarded him with another hard slap. She removed the strap on “Clean this up” and left him as she went to go and get changed.