Morning Session

It was fresh and dark out when she arrived at the gym.  She greeted the personal trainer, the only other person there at that time of the day.

She quickly took her outer layers off and started her warm up.

She loved the new gym she had recently joined. The music was fantastic, it was just warm enough and there was usually only her and the personal trainer at the times that she chose to train.  The environment was conducive to a hard work out.

She looked in the mirror and realised that she had a massive nipple stand. She was wearing a top with a built in bra but it didn’t do much to hide them. She looked up and caught the personal trainer staring. She gave him a mischievous smile and their gaze held for a few moments longer than was necessary.

She’d built up a really good sweat and her body was alive. He was on the exercise bike as she walked passed to the change rooms.

“Time to try and wash this sweat off me”.

“Need some help?”

She caught his gaze for a second. “Yes please”

She had her eyes closed enjoying the feeling of the warm water caressing her stiff body. She thought she heard someone move around outside but didn’t pay too much attention to it. Probably one of the cleaning staff.

The shower curtain moved and before she could comprehend what was happening, she was pulled into strong arms. She looked up and he kissed her. Her entire body responded as his hands started working his way over it.  She reached for the soap, lathered her hands and then started soaping his body. The feeling of his rippling muscles under her touch drove her wild. She worked her way down his body, down his powerful legs, rubbing her hands over his bulging calves.  She slowly worked her way up his legs again. Up to his groin. Soap all over his balls. He lets out a moan. That’s all the encouragement she needs. She takes his rock hard cock between her hands and washes it.  She goes onto her knees in front of him. She looks up at him. The water running over both of them. She takes him between her lips and starts sucking him as her hands are still washing the rest of his body. He has his hands in her hair and pulls her head so that his cock gets forced deep into her throat.  The water is caressing her hard nipples along with the rest of her body. She can hear weights been dropped on the floor above them so she is aware that they are not alone any more. She is beyond caring.  She starts moaning as she feels his cock swell and throb.

Without warning he grabs her under her arms and lifts her up and onto him. She hooks her legs around his waist as he pushes himself into her. They are kissing passionately. Water everywhere. He is so big and strong. She moves her body along with his rhythm as he starts fucking her.  Her entire body is on fire. She is gripping his strong arms so hard that he will have bruises. He pushes her back against the wall so that he can fuck her harder.  She bites into his shoulder as she comes. He quickly turns her around and takes himself to his own explosion with a variety of hard and slow strokes. She comes again with him.

He pulls out, washes himself off and leaves.

She manages to get herself dried and dressed. She walks passed the workout area on her way out of the building. He’s on the bike right near the door. He catches her eye with a knowing look.  “Have a good day”

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