Treasure Hunt

They were about an hour into the scheduled 3-hour teleconference. As much as this was an important meeting to the business, he was bored out of his mind.

The receptionist opened the door softly, apologised to everyone gathered and handed him a note.

He opened it: “There is an urgent matter that needs your immediate attention. Please go to the receptionist on the ground floor to collect the details”

This was very strange. Under normal circumstances he would ignore the message and go and see what it was all about after the meeting, but he would use any excuse to have a break now.

“Ladies and Gents, may I please ask that we have a coffee and comfort break for ½ an hour as I have an urgent matter to attend to”

He quickly went to the receptionists as instructed and asked for his message. He was handed a white envelope. He opened it and read “Make your way to the 5th floor. You will find further instructions with the Strelitzia”. He was intrigued and made his way to the 5th floor.

He was unfamiliar with the floor. He found himself in a waiting area. He smiled at the receptionist and cast his eyes around for the flower. He couldn’t find one. He looked around and noticed that the coffee table book was on indigenous flowers to SA. He walked over, picked up the book and paged through it. He found the page on Stelizias and removed the note. “Use the stairs and make your way up to the 7th floor”

He did as instruct. As he pushed open the door on the 7th floor, a piece of paper fell to his feet. He picked it up and read: “Left and left”

He walked left and turned left again and found himself facing the disabled toilets. He pushed open the door. He felt hands going around his eyes. “WHAT THE….!”

“Shhhhh….. it was a female voice. The hands were replaced with a blindfold. Warm, eager lips on his. Hands exploring his body. His belt being undone. His button being loosened. His zip pulled down. His pants and underpants pushed down to his ankles.

Wet mouth over his very hard cock. Small hands on his ass cheeks, pulling him deeper into her mouth. He could feel his excitement mount very quickly. She stood up and he felt her as she guided his cock. He could feel her wet pussy lips as she pushed back and welcomed him in to her. He put his hands around her slim hips and pounded into her. She was either very tall or wearing heels so she was the perfect height.

He felt her muscles contracting as she came. He followed suite with a massive explosion. He leaned back against the wall for a few seconds of recovery. He heard the door open. He removed the blind fold, but it was too late…. She was gone.

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