The unexpected cold and rain that was unusual for this time of the year ensured that the movie house was packed.

He’d agreed to watch the latest chick flick with her mostly because they hadn’t realised how busy it would be and all the other movies were sold out.

He was a good sport but she knew he was hating it. She had to admit that she wasn’t captivated by the tepid story line either.

They were sitting in the back row in love seats. She looked at their neighbours on either side of them. Both were guys with their girlfriends. She could see that they were bored too. She decided to change this into a movie that everyone close by would remember.

She put her hand on his lap and swiftly unzipped his pants. Her hand slipped into his underpants and he gasped as her cold hand clasped his flaccid penis. It didn’t stay that way for very long as her hands warmed up quickly as she started giving him a hand job. She knew him well and knew just the pressure and strokes that worked best on him.

She leaned in and whispered in his ear “put your leg on the chairs so that I can lean against your chest please”. He did so. She leaned against him at an angle so that she could still move her hand comfortably up and down his very hard cock. She looked to either side and saw that both their neighbours were very aware of what was going on. The one wasn’t even pretending to watch the movie anymore. She caught his eye and gave him a mischievous grin.

She bent right over and took the cock in her mouth. She could feel that his initial reaction was shock but it quickly changed to pleasure. She was happy that the movie was loud and not many people could hear the noises of pleasure that were escaping from her. She loved sucking cock and feeling his pleasure mount and knowing that they had a small audience got her even more excited.  She didn’t want to miss out.

She sat up again and leaned in and whispered “let’s get out of here”. He fumbled with his zip as she gathered up her bag. She grabbed his hand and pulled him behind her as they squeezed past everyone to get out. She smiled to herself as she knew that the neighbours would know where they were going.

She lead him to the toilets that were empty as all the movies where less than half way through. She pushed him into the closest cubicle and onto the seat. She kissed him passionately as she got his pants down and climbed onto him. He was still hard and got even harder as she rode him.  She was really wet and came hard, gripping his cock with her muscles.  He pushed her off him and against the wall where he took her from behind until he reached his own climax.

They didn’t bother going back into the movie.


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