Date Night In

They have a night in. They have a few drinks and get tipsy. They are both naked as that’s how they hang when they’re alone. There’s obviously a lot of physical interaction.  At one stage he is sitting on a chair. She stands behind him, massaging his back and chest and kissing his ears and neck etc. she blind folds him.

He hears her walk away.

He feels her hands on him again.  She’s back.


There’s a second pair of hands. His senses are working overtime. One mouth on his mouth, another on his cock. Hands everywhere.

After a lot of playing, he gets taken by the hand and lead to sit on the edge on the bed. He feels someone behind him. His head in a pair of hands guiding it forward. Pressure against his lips, forcing them open. Cock in his mouth. His tongue explores.

He feels a mouth on your cock too. He matches the rhythm on his cock with his own rhythm. There are strong hands on his shoulders. Small hands working their way over his balls and between his legs.

His entire sack and crack are wet from the licking, kissing and sucking. He feels slight pressure and he pushes against it. He feels something inserted. Sensory overload….

Suddenly the hands on his shoulders grip really tightly and he tastes the peppery explosion in his mouth. He feels him collapsing on the bed next to him. Now there’s a new sensation…. she is on his cock. She has pushed him back onto the bed and is riding him hard. He feels the anal beads being worked in and out of him at the same time. ‘I’m going to cum!’. Her muscles contact hard around his as the beads get pulled out.  EXPLOSION💥💥💥💥

He hears the door open and shut and when she removes the blind fold from his eyes, they are alone.

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