The pool

He’d told her to meet her at the bottom gate to the pool. She guessed that he wasn’t in the mood for a visit otherwise he would have let her park at the house and she’d more than likely be invited in for a drink after.

‘I was just going to open up for you and go back to my work, but I’ve changed my mind and think that a swim might be just what I need.’

She followed him to the pool and quickly removed her dress and jumped in. The day was still very warm even though the afternoon thunder clouds had started to gather. She swam a few laps to get the blood circulating. By the time she stopped, he was in the pool too.  She watched as his powerful arm pulled him through the water.

She got out and decided to go down the slide. She loved it. She’d never been on a slide made for adults before. She flew through the air and landed with a big splash as she went deep into the water. She saw the watery outline of his body and swam under the water towards him. As she surfaced just in front of him, she felt his strong hands on her waist as he drew her towards him and kissed her. She was taken totally off guard, both by the action and by how much she enjoyed it. She hesitated only for a moment before allowing herself to just enjoy it fully.

Without thinking about what she was doing, her legs wrapped around his firm waist.  Her hands were exploring his body. Her fingers tracing the lines of his muscles. His hands were moving all over her body too. He put a hand over one of hers and moved it over his 6 pack until she had his hard cock in her hand. She pulled away from the kiss to look into his eyes. He gave her a naughty smile.  She put her hand inside his costume and brought his cock out.  After playing with it for a while, she pushed herself away from him and dived under the water. She put her hands on his hips as she put his cock in her mouth. The sensation of his wet cock in her mouth and not being able to breath was very weird. She came up for air and wrapped her legs around him again.

As he started to kiss her again, he moved her bikini bottom to the side and slid into her. He stepped back so that his back was against the pool wall. She held the side as she started moving up and down on him. She could feel her wetness mixing with the water. She remembered that they were in a complex pool and anyone could come into the pool enclosure at any time. This got her even more excited.

He lifted her off him and turned her around so that she was leaning over the side. He went in from behind her. She pushed back into him with every one of his hard thrusts.  The world around her was blocked out. She was aware of the water and her building orgasm. She came hard. She pushed him away from her and lead him to the pool stairs. She nudged him down so that he was sitting on the top step. She lowered herself onto him and rode him hard.

“I’m going to cum!” that was all she needed. She came with him as he let out a roar of pleasure.

She started laughing as she looked around and realised that at least some of the window must be hiding eyes of those who had just had one hell of a show.


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