Morning Session

It was fresh and dark out when she arrived at the gym.  She greeted the personal trainer, the only other person there at that time of the day.

She quickly took her outer layers off and started her warm up.

She loved the new gym she had recently joined. The music was fantastic, it was just warm enough and there was usually only her and the personal trainer at the times that she chose to train.  The environment was conducive to a hard work out.

She looked in the mirror and realised that she had a massive nipple stand. She was wearing a top with a built in bra but it didn’t do much to hide them. She looked up and caught the personal trainer staring. She gave him a mischievous smile and their gaze held for a few moments longer than was necessary.

She’d built up a really good sweat and her body was alive. He was on the exercise bike as she walked passed to the change rooms.

“Time to try and wash this sweat off me”.

“Need some help?”

She caught his gaze for a second. “Yes please”

She had her eyes closed enjoying the feeling of the warm water caressing her stiff body. She thought she heard someone move around outside but didn’t pay too much attention to it. Probably one of the cleaning staff.

The shower curtain moved and before she could comprehend what was happening, she was pulled into strong arms. She looked up and he kissed her. Her entire body responded as his hands started working his way over it.  She reached for the soap, lathered her hands and then started soaping his body. The feeling of his rippling muscles under her touch drove her wild. She worked her way down his body, down his powerful legs, rubbing her hands over his bulging calves.  She slowly worked her way up his legs again. Up to his groin. Soap all over his balls. He lets out a moan. That’s all the encouragement she needs. She takes his rock hard cock between her hands and washes it.  She goes onto her knees in front of him. She looks up at him. The water running over both of them. She takes him between her lips and starts sucking him as her hands are still washing the rest of his body. He has his hands in her hair and pulls her head so that his cock gets forced deep into her throat.  The water is caressing her hard nipples along with the rest of her body. She can hear weights been dropped on the floor above them so she is aware that they are not alone any more. She is beyond caring.  She starts moaning as she feels his cock swell and throb.

Without warning he grabs her under her arms and lifts her up and onto him. She hooks her legs around his waist as he pushes himself into her. They are kissing passionately. Water everywhere. He is so big and strong. She moves her body along with his rhythm as he starts fucking her.  Her entire body is on fire. She is gripping his strong arms so hard that he will have bruises. He pushes her back against the wall so that he can fuck her harder.  She bites into his shoulder as she comes. He quickly turns her around and takes himself to his own explosion with a variety of hard and slow strokes. She comes again with him.

He pulls out, washes himself off and leaves.

She manages to get herself dried and dressed. She walks passed the workout area on her way out of the building. He’s on the bike right near the door. He catches her eye with a knowing look.  “Have a good day”

Treasure Hunt

They were about an hour into the scheduled 3-hour teleconference. As much as this was an important meeting to the business, he was bored out of his mind.

The receptionist opened the door softly, apologised to everyone gathered and handed him a note.

He opened it: “There is an urgent matter that needs your immediate attention. Please go to the receptionist on the ground floor to collect the details”

This was very strange. Under normal circumstances he would ignore the message and go and see what it was all about after the meeting, but he would use any excuse to have a break now.

“Ladies and Gents, may I please ask that we have a coffee and comfort break for ½ an hour as I have an urgent matter to attend to”

He quickly went to the receptionists as instructed and asked for his message. He was handed a white envelope. He opened it and read “Make your way to the 5th floor. You will find further instructions with the Strelitzia”. He was intrigued and made his way to the 5th floor.

He was unfamiliar with the floor. He found himself in a waiting area. He smiled at the receptionist and cast his eyes around for the flower. He couldn’t find one. He looked around and noticed that the coffee table book was on indigenous flowers to SA. He walked over, picked up the book and paged through it. He found the page on Stelizias and removed the note. “Use the stairs and make your way up to the 7th floor”

He did as instruct. As he pushed open the door on the 7th floor, a piece of paper fell to his feet. He picked it up and read: “Left and left”

He walked left and turned left again and found himself facing the disabled toilets. He pushed open the door. He felt hands going around his eyes. “WHAT THE….!”

“Shhhhh….. it was a female voice. The hands were replaced with a blindfold. Warm, eager lips on his. Hands exploring his body. His belt being undone. His button being loosened. His zip pulled down. His pants and underpants pushed down to his ankles.

Wet mouth over his very hard cock. Small hands on his ass cheeks, pulling him deeper into her mouth. He could feel his excitement mount very quickly. She stood up and he felt her as she guided his cock. He could feel her wet pussy lips as she pushed back and welcomed him in to her. He put his hands around her slim hips and pounded into her. She was either very tall or wearing heels so she was the perfect height.

He felt her muscles contracting as she came. He followed suite with a massive explosion. He leaned back against the wall for a few seconds of recovery. He heard the door open. He removed the blind fold, but it was too late…. She was gone.


The unexpected cold and rain that was unusual for this time of the year ensured that the movie house was packed.

He’d agreed to watch the latest chick flick with her mostly because they hadn’t realised how busy it would be and all the other movies were sold out.

He was a good sport but she knew he was hating it. She had to admit that she wasn’t captivated by the tepid story line either.

They were sitting in the back row in love seats. She looked at their neighbours on either side of them. Both were guys with their girlfriends. She could see that they were bored too. She decided to change this into a movie that everyone close by would remember.

She put her hand on his lap and swiftly unzipped his pants. Her hand slipped into his underpants and he gasped as her cold hand clasped his flaccid penis. It didn’t stay that way for very long as her hands warmed up quickly as she started giving him a hand job. She knew him well and knew just the pressure and strokes that worked best on him.

She leaned in and whispered in his ear “put your leg on the chairs so that I can lean against your chest please”. He did so. She leaned against him at an angle so that she could still move her hand comfortably up and down his very hard cock. She looked to either side and saw that both their neighbours were very aware of what was going on. The one wasn’t even pretending to watch the movie anymore. She caught his eye and gave him a mischievous grin.

She bent right over and took the cock in her mouth. She could feel that his initial reaction was shock but it quickly changed to pleasure. She was happy that the movie was loud and not many people could hear the noises of pleasure that were escaping from her. She loved sucking cock and feeling his pleasure mount and knowing that they had a small audience got her even more excited.  She didn’t want to miss out.

She sat up again and leaned in and whispered “let’s get out of here”. He fumbled with his zip as she gathered up her bag. She grabbed his hand and pulled him behind her as they squeezed past everyone to get out. She smiled to herself as she knew that the neighbours would know where they were going.

She lead him to the toilets that were empty as all the movies where less than half way through. She pushed him into the closest cubicle and onto the seat. She kissed him passionately as she got his pants down and climbed onto him. He was still hard and got even harder as she rode him.  She was really wet and came hard, gripping his cock with her muscles.  He pushed her off him and against the wall where he took her from behind until he reached his own climax.

They didn’t bother going back into the movie.



She started chatting to a guy on one of the chat sites. He seemed great and decent and lived in a penthouse in Sandon

She had just come out of a very vanilla 8-year long relationship.

She wanted excitement

They chatted for a while. He said that he has a fantasy he’d love to try but couldn’t find anyone willing to help him with it.

She loved a challenge and asked to hear what it was.

He told her to Google pegging. She did as instructed.

She agreed to do it if he bought a strap on and the right lube.

She went to his place dressed normally. She told him to go put the equipment in the bathroom and to go and wait for her naked on his bed.

She went into the bathroom and changed into a leather Dominatrix outfit, that she’d lent from a friend, stripper heels and the strap on.

The lights were dimmed in the room but he could still see her as she walked in and instructed him to go on all fours

She ran huge amounts of lube down his but cheeks and then massaged it into his ass, using a finger or two to open it up.

She pulled him so that his bum was right at the edge of the bed. It was the perfect height for her with her heels on. She rubbed more lube on the strap on and proceeded to fuck him. She was quite rough but he loved it.

When he came, she took the strap on off and threw it at him, went and changed and left.

They never had contact again.

Date Night In

They have a night in. They have a few drinks and get tipsy. They are both naked as that’s how they hang when they’re alone. There’s obviously a lot of physical interaction.  At one stage he is sitting on a chair. She stands behind him, massaging his back and chest and kissing his ears and neck etc. she blind folds him.

He hears her walk away.

He feels her hands on him again.  She’s back.


There’s a second pair of hands. His senses are working overtime. One mouth on his mouth, another on his cock. Hands everywhere.

After a lot of playing, he gets taken by the hand and lead to sit on the edge on the bed. He feels someone behind him. His head in a pair of hands guiding it forward. Pressure against his lips, forcing them open. Cock in his mouth. His tongue explores.

He feels a mouth on your cock too. He matches the rhythm on his cock with his own rhythm. There are strong hands on his shoulders. Small hands working their way over his balls and between his legs.

His entire sack and crack are wet from the licking, kissing and sucking. He feels slight pressure and he pushes against it. He feels something inserted. Sensory overload….

Suddenly the hands on his shoulders grip really tightly and he tastes the peppery explosion in his mouth. He feels him collapsing on the bed next to him. Now there’s a new sensation…. she is on his cock. She has pushed him back onto the bed and is riding him hard. He feels the anal beads being worked in and out of him at the same time. ‘I’m going to cum!’. Her muscles contact hard around his as the beads get pulled out.  EXPLOSION💥💥💥💥

He hears the door open and shut and when she removes the blind fold from his eyes, they are alone.

The pool

He’d told her to meet her at the bottom gate to the pool. She guessed that he wasn’t in the mood for a visit otherwise he would have let her park at the house and she’d more than likely be invited in for a drink after.

‘I was just going to open up for you and go back to my work, but I’ve changed my mind and think that a swim might be just what I need.’

She followed him to the pool and quickly removed her dress and jumped in. The day was still very warm even though the afternoon thunder clouds had started to gather. She swam a few laps to get the blood circulating. By the time she stopped, he was in the pool too.  She watched as his powerful arm pulled him through the water.

She got out and decided to go down the slide. She loved it. She’d never been on a slide made for adults before. She flew through the air and landed with a big splash as she went deep into the water. She saw the watery outline of his body and swam under the water towards him. As she surfaced just in front of him, she felt his strong hands on her waist as he drew her towards him and kissed her. She was taken totally off guard, both by the action and by how much she enjoyed it. She hesitated only for a moment before allowing herself to just enjoy it fully.

Without thinking about what she was doing, her legs wrapped around his firm waist.  Her hands were exploring his body. Her fingers tracing the lines of his muscles. His hands were moving all over her body too. He put a hand over one of hers and moved it over his 6 pack until she had his hard cock in her hand. She pulled away from the kiss to look into his eyes. He gave her a naughty smile.  She put her hand inside his costume and brought his cock out.  After playing with it for a while, she pushed herself away from him and dived under the water. She put her hands on his hips as she put his cock in her mouth. The sensation of his wet cock in her mouth and not being able to breath was very weird. She came up for air and wrapped her legs around him again.

As he started to kiss her again, he moved her bikini bottom to the side and slid into her. He stepped back so that his back was against the pool wall. She held the side as she started moving up and down on him. She could feel her wetness mixing with the water. She remembered that they were in a complex pool and anyone could come into the pool enclosure at any time. This got her even more excited.

He lifted her off him and turned her around so that she was leaning over the side. He went in from behind her. She pushed back into him with every one of his hard thrusts.  The world around her was blocked out. She was aware of the water and her building orgasm. She came hard. She pushed him away from her and lead him to the pool stairs. She nudged him down so that he was sitting on the top step. She lowered herself onto him and rode him hard.

“I’m going to cum!” that was all she needed. She came with him as he let out a roar of pleasure.

She started laughing as she looked around and realised that at least some of the window must be hiding eyes of those who had just had one hell of a show.