Birthday Dinner

It was his birthday. She had taken him to one of the upmarket harbor restaurants with amazing views.

The restaurant was packed and the evening had been really good so far. Delicious food , fantastic back ground music and wonderful service. The company was all he could wish for and more. She was light hearted, funny, interesting and interested in him.  She kept telling him how hot he was looking and her hands were all over him under the table.

As their dinner plates were cleared away and they’d asked the waiter to give them a break before they ordered desert, she gave him a mischievous smile and told him that she was going to the bathroom and he should follow her as she had a special treat for him.

He watched her short dress sway over her sexy hips as she walked away. He already had a semi and watching her was making him harder.

He got up and went in the direction she had left in. Through the door and down the stairs. The bathrooms were unisex. He hesitated for just a second before one of the cubical doors opened and her head popped out and she indicated that he should come in. He quickly noticed that all the other cubicles seemed empty.

She pushed him up against the wall as he was busy latching the lock. She kissed him passionately. The cubical was long with the toilet at the bottom. There were mirrors along the side and back walls.  She released him and loosened his pants. She pushed him onto the closed toilet.

He was rock hard. She put her legs over his lap and slowly lowered herself onto him. She looked deep into her eyes to see his reaction when he realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

He started kissing her ,as much out of passion as trying to quieten her, as she was riding him.  He couldn’t stop the occasional grunts leaving him either. He lifted her dress so that he could watch her ass as she went up and down on his shaft.

The build-up throughout the night combined with  the excitement of what they were doing and the visuals in the mirror ensured that he was ready to come very quickly.  “Cum with me” he said. “I’m ready” she managed to get out.

As her insides started contracting over his very hard cock, he started exploding. He heard a noise and looked up straight into the eyes of a man who had opened the door. She also looked at him via the mirror behind his head. Neither of them could stop or say anything. The man smiled and pulled the door closed behind him as he walked away.

They both started laughing and tidied themselves up. He went upstairs first and she followed shortly afterwards.

She leaned in to him and whispered ‘Thanks for the desert. The man who walked in is sitting right behind you”. She smiled at him.

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