Note taking

“Sit in that chair and take notes, Ann”

“Yes, sir”

He walk over to her, standing right behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders and start massaging her. “Why are you so tense?”

She gives a nervous giggle, but no real reply. She tilts her head and looks up at him  a second before she assumes her note taking pose.  She has become aware that her dress has started riding up her thighs.

He stands behind her, knowing that if he moves, she will see his hardness. She starts to loosen up as his hand started moving down her neck.  “All work and no play isn’t good for you”

She isn’t really sure what’s happening and feels nervous and yet excited by the prospect of it. “I’m waiting for your instructions sir”

“My instructions, Miss Smith, is to remove this bra of yours and have some fun. “

“Yes sir” she does as instructed

“Good girl” He stands in front of her, between her legs looking down as he unzips his jeans.

She looks up at him with wide eyes. Her heart is racing. She can feel herself get wet with excitement.

“Now you are going to suck what I put in your mouth, understood?”

“Yes sir!”

He rubs his cock tip over her lips, covering them with precum before sliding his shaft into her mouth.

He is so big and hard. She looks up at him as she starts to suck.

“That’s good! Now get up and bend over my table. I want to see your ass”

She does as instructed.

He rubs his hand over her ass and gives it a hard slap.

She gasps…. Pleasure and Pain.

He moves her panties to the side as he puts his hands on her hips and slides into her, pulling her against him.

So big and hard! She pushes against him.

He starts thrusting hard, his balls are hitting her clit.

She bites her lip, trying not to moan too loudly.

He leans over her and starts playing with her nipples.

She is getting wetter and wetter.

He pulls out abruptly. “Get onto the table. I want to watch you play with yourself”

She starts doing as instructed.

He leans in and starts licking her pussy as he starts to finger her.

She arches up into it. Moaning with pleasure. Her hips are moving in an urgent rhythm.

His tongue flicking her Clit. He wraps her arms around her legs, pulling her onto his tongue.

She keeps moaning and moving her hips as her orgasm builds.

Feeling her legs tighten around his head, he looks up along her body.

“Cum baby., I want to feel your juices running down my body”

She cries out and cums hard.

He looks up and wipes his mouth as he stands with his cock in his hand.

“Now it’s my turn”


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