My boardroom, my rules.

‘Yes ma’am, should I lock the door behind me?”

‘No, I prefer knowing that someone can walk in at any time”

“As you wish. You called me to take a memo for you?’

“Listen very carefully. Make sure you get his down word for word and then follow the instructions to the letter.”

He looks at her, waiting attentively for her instructions.

“ 1 – move to the head of the table.

2- loosen your pants and drop them to the floor.

3 – lean back against the table and watch me as I take your swelling cock into my mouth

4 – maintain eye contact at all times

5 – when I release your cock from my mouth, sit on the chair at the head of the table

6 – watch me put a condom onto your cock with my mouth

7 – watch my ass as I slowly lower myself onto your cock in reverse cowgirl

8 – put your hands on my waist and help me move up and down your hard shaft until I cum

9 – bend me over the boardroom table and take your pleasure

10 – get dressed and continue as if none of this happened”

He proceeds to follow her instructions to the letter and will NEVER forget that memo…

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