Coffee with a friend

He was coming around for coffee. They’d been friends for a while and she was so drawn to him. She was sure that she picked up the same vibe from him but it had never been mentioned in any way. She had been out the entire day and decided to have a quick shower before he arrived.

She was about to  put on a clean pair of jeans and T-shirt when she changed her mind. She was going to test her gut.

She quickly slipped into a Teddy, lace panties, fish net stockings and heels. She dusted on some light make up.

The buzzer went and she opened for him to drive in. Her heart was pounding. What if she’d read the signals wrong. What if he wasn’t sexually interested at all.

She put on the kettle and started preparing the coffee cups. Watching the reflection of the door in the glass of the cupboard in front of her.

“Knock, knock!”

2 slow deep breaths before she slowly turned around. Nervous smile pasted on. “Come in”….. Acting cool as if nothing was out of place. “Take a seat, I’m just finishing the coffee”.

She handed him his cup and sat on the opposite couch, making small talk about the day etc. Her palms are sweaty and she can’t read him at all. She feels like a bit of an idiot.

She gets up to fetch something on the kitchen counter. She senses his presence just before she feels his hand touch her.  He turns her around and gives her a good once over. “Is this what you always wear at home?”. She giggles in response.  He takes her hand and leads her to the couch. He sits down and she stands in front of him. He starts exploring her legs with his hands. He leaves a trail of Goosebumps as he moves up to caress her bum. He pulls her down so that she is lying against his chest as they pretend to watch the mindless entertainment on the TV.  She moves her hands up his leg and feels that his cock is hard and has a life of its own.  She rolls over, loosens his pants and takes his cock in her hand. She looks up and sees that he is looking at her with lust. That’s all the encouragement she needs. She slides off the couch and kneels in front of him. She takes his smooth head between her lips and starts moving her head up and down over the shaft. She put her hands on his hips and pulled his jeans down. She looks him in the eye as she slides her hand between his legs. She starts massaging his perineum. She loves the way his cock responds. It gets harder and she can feel it throbbing. She starts moaning. She can’t get enough of him. It’s as if his cock was made for her mouth. She takes him deep into her throat. She is getting so wet.

She looks up and him “Please fuck my mouth”. He stands up. She is up on her knees in front of him again. He puts his hands on either side of her head and starts pounding his cock deep into her mouth. She loves how powerful he seems. She loves how his is controlling his pleasure. She almost gags a few times, but doesn’t care. She has her hands between his legs and can feel his build up. She is moaning loudly.  “You’re a dirty girl! Feel what you are doing to me”

He stops abruptly and pulls her to her feet. He walks her over to the kitchen counter and bends her over it. He slides her panties down and starts power fucking her with his fingers. She is already so wet for him and as his one hand massages her clit, the other keeps hitting her front wall at just the right angle. She can’t  control herself and cries out as she drenches his hands with her cum.

She collapses on the counter as he goes and wash his hands.



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