Meet-up – Hearts

She had no idea what to expect but she believed in trying everything at least once.

She arrived at 18H15 as instructed, went to the bar and ordered a tequila and a whiskey and water. She found a table on the periphery where she could enjoy her drink and observe the crowd.

Interesting mix. No one stood out yet but she was staying positive.

At 18h30 the game started. She worked the crowd slowly calling out her card. Everyone smiled and greeted her. Finally she met her match. Jack of hearts. They went to announce themselves to the organisers and collect new cards.  She matched with 5 different men in the allocated time.

The game was over and they announced the winners. The lady winner wins a bottle of wine. And they called her name! She went up to collect her prize to light applause.

She left the bottle at the bar while she went to mingle some more. On her way to the table she planned to sit at, a guy stopped her saying “get your prize and let’s go back to your place and enjoy it”. Cheeky bugger!  She had a good look at him. Not bad actually. She laughed and pushed past him to go and finish her drink.

She collected her wine and thanked the organisers. She got into the lift. It stopped one floor before her floor. The door opened and the cheeky man from earlier got in. He laughed “great timing, I’m so glad you came to get me to go home with you” she couldn’t help but laugh too.

In the parking he said ” I’m parked over there, the white BMW, should I follow you?” He first instinct was to say no, but something made her feel brave “I don’t invite strangers to mine, but I’ll follow you to yours.” “Excellent!! Let’s go”

He didn’t live far from the venue. As they pulled into his driveway she sent her friend the location. They knew to always check on each other.

“Welcome” as he ushered her in to a very nice, tidy home. Brownie points! He took out glasses and uncorked the wine for them. Cheers! They sipped the wine as they stood at the kitchen counter. He looked her in the eye as he come up to her and put his glass on the counter. He leaned in and kissed her. Mmmm… soft, passionate lips, exploring tongue. Enough to get her heart racing.

The kissing and petting got heavy quickly.

She pushed him away, took a sip of her drink, put the  glass on the counter and looked him in his eyes as she went down on her knees in front of him. She loosened his button and zip and released his throbbing cock. Smiling up at him, she slowly put her wet lips over his cock and started moving them up and down. Her hand was a perfect, tight fit around his base and it followed the movement of her mouth.

He was really enjoying this but wasn’t ready for it to end yet.

He pulled her up and pushed her against the wall, facing it. Sliding his hands down her legs to spread them he went on his haunches behind her. He started kissing her legs, starting behind her knees, moving his way up. Soon his lips were between her legs. She arched her back, giving him better access. Her panties were already soaked.  He sucked licked and prodded,all through the material. It was fantastic, but she wanted more.  Eventually she couldn’t stand it anymore and she pushed him away.

He laughed and stood up. He pinned her against the wall and kissed her with passion. Then her took her hand and lead her to the bedroom.  She sat down on the bed and pulled him close. She pushed his pants right down and put took his cock into her mouth once again.  He started moaning.

Soon he was lying on the bed and she was on top of him. He’d removed her panties and they were doing a 69. She was moaning and sucking at the same time.  One hand was moving with her mouth and the other was playing with his balls and his ass.

She couldn’t control herself and came in his mouth.

She immediately turned around, found the condom on the dressing table and put it on him. He pushed her onto her stomach, got off the bed and pulled her closer. He slipped his throbbing cock inside her and rode her hard. Fuck it was good.

He rolled her over and put her legs up against his chest. She lifted her pelvis up so that she was the perfect height. His cock rubbed against every one of her already stimulated nerve endings. She cried out as her muscles contracted around him in a massive orgasm.

He followed within seconds.

They both collapsed and said nothing as they recovered.


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