Meeting in a Club

He’d gone to the club with a bunch of friends and they’d had more than a few shooters. The DJ was on form and there was plenty of dancing eye candy. One, in particular, had caught his eye. She was in a short cocktail dress and knew how to move her body. He stood at the bar watching her. She caught his eye and smiled. He held up his glass and motioned to her to come over so that he could buy her one. To his surprise she came to him.

“What you drinking?” he asked her.

“Tequila body shot” was her quick reply.

Ooh, he’s got a wild one here. He liked that.

“But I’m getting one too”

He ordered the tequilas and paid. He put the salt at the base of his throat and the lemon in his mouth.   She stood on her toes and reached up to lick the salt, she downed the tequila and then ran her tongue up his neck until she put her mouth over his to grab the lemon. Her lips lingered on his much longer than was needed.

She gave him a really cheeky smile as she put the salt in her cleavage.  He looked into her eyes for a moment, then downed the tequila, licked the salt, and removed the lemon with his mouth and spat it on the floor. He went straight back for a very long, hot kiss. She responded passionately.

When he eventually pulled away, she lead him to the dance floor by the hand.  He danced behind her with his hands on her waist. As she moved seductively against him, he moved his hands over her body. He felt her very tight ass. He let one hand move under the sheer fabric. He was more than pleasantly surprised when he realised that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He moved her to the far end of the dance floor where the lighting was very bad. He moved his hand between her legs as she opened them welcoming.  She moved to the rhythm of the music as he fingered her. He could feel her contract around his finger as it got really wet and she came. He put his arms around her as she leaned into him to recover for a few seconds.

She turned around and kissed him. “let’s get out of here.”

They stood kissing as they waited for the UBER to arrive.

They got in and she gave the driver her address. Before he realised what was happening, she had his zip undone and his cock in her mouth. WOW! He stopped caring if the driver could see them or what he was thinking as the only thing filling his mind was the sensation of her warm lips tugging on his very hard cock. The drive was over far too quickly.  He paid the driver and she lead the way in.

As they walked through the front door, he grabbed her and bent her over the couch.  He took her fast and hard from behind. She didn’t take long to cum. Having her contract hard around his cock, pushed him over the edge. He pulled out and he squirted all over her back and onto her tiles.

She quickly cleaned everything up and fetched a bottle of red wine which they enjoyed while they made small talk and recovered.

She suggested they watch a movie. She  went to the TV and got it going.  He was pleasantly surprised when 2 woman and a man came on the screen and proceeded to engage in a very HOT 3sum.   She walked over to where he was sitting on the couch and sat down next to him and started playing with herself so that he could see.  He took his pants off and was quickly hard again.  She stood up and then lowered herself onto his cock in reverse cowgirl. She rode him slowly while he alternated between watching the porn on TV and watching her ass as she rode him. She came about 4 times as his excitement built. This lasted about 30 minutes. It always took him longer the 2nd time.

When he was ready he told her and she got off him,  kneeled  between his legs and tugged at him with her small, tight  hands. Within minutes he exploded all over her exposed breasts.

They cleaned up and he slept over as he was in no state to drive.

He woke her up in the early hours with his hard-on making its way between her legs.  She went up onto her knees as she helped him find her wet pussy. Their bodies knew what they wanted. They both came, and fell back onto the bed into a deep asleep again.


Birthday Dinner

It was his birthday. She had taken him to one of the upmarket harbor restaurants with amazing views.

The restaurant was packed and the evening had been really good so far. Delicious food , fantastic back ground music and wonderful service. The company was all he could wish for and more. She was light hearted, funny, interesting and interested in him.  She kept telling him how hot he was looking and her hands were all over him under the table.

As their dinner plates were cleared away and they’d asked the waiter to give them a break before they ordered desert, she gave him a mischievous smile and told him that she was going to the bathroom and he should follow her as she had a special treat for him.

He watched her short dress sway over her sexy hips as she walked away. He already had a semi and watching her was making him harder.

He got up and went in the direction she had left in. Through the door and down the stairs. The bathrooms were unisex. He hesitated for just a second before one of the cubical doors opened and her head popped out and she indicated that he should come in. He quickly noticed that all the other cubicles seemed empty.

She pushed him up against the wall as he was busy latching the lock. She kissed him passionately. The cubical was long with the toilet at the bottom. There were mirrors along the side and back walls.  She released him and loosened his pants. She pushed him onto the closed toilet.

He was rock hard. She put her legs over his lap and slowly lowered herself onto him. She looked deep into her eyes to see his reaction when he realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

He started kissing her ,as much out of passion as trying to quieten her, as she was riding him.  He couldn’t stop the occasional grunts leaving him either. He lifted her dress so that he could watch her ass as she went up and down on his shaft.

The build-up throughout the night combined with  the excitement of what they were doing and the visuals in the mirror ensured that he was ready to come very quickly.  “Cum with me” he said. “I’m ready” she managed to get out.

As her insides started contracting over his very hard cock, he started exploding. He heard a noise and looked up straight into the eyes of a man who had opened the door. She also looked at him via the mirror behind his head. Neither of them could stop or say anything. The man smiled and pulled the door closed behind him as he walked away.

They both started laughing and tidied themselves up. He went upstairs first and she followed shortly afterwards.

She leaned in to him and whispered ‘Thanks for the desert. The man who walked in is sitting right behind you”. She smiled at him.

Burpee Challenge

Early in January I matched with a man on Tinder who’s closing line was: Is there a woman out there who is brave enough to accept the 10 000 burpee challenge with me?

Not one for letting a challenge pass me by, my first message to him was: I accept.

Turned out that he was from America. He explained to me that the challenge entailed doing 100 burpees per day for 100 days.  I told him I might struggle as I have a bad back and can’t kick my legs back. He told me that’s no excuse as I could just adapt it by putting one leg back at a time. I did a few to test it out and then agreed.

I committed to starting the following day.  I sent a message to a number of my guy friends here in SA challenging them to join me. Only one accepted.

The first few days were slow and painful. I broke the hundred into sets of 10 with long rest periods in between. After every 100 I would send my local friend a green tick. He would send me one in  return when his were done.

Every few days, I’d send the American a message to report my progress. He was very slow to respond an often didn’t even bother.

I started doing my burpees in between my sets of normal exercise at gym. I found that getting them done was much easier and it kept my heart rate up which I believe burnt lots of calories.

There were many days that I didn’t think I could do them because my back was so sore, but even though I felt and looked like an old woman, I got through them. I refused to give up.

After a few weeks of trying to make contact with the American with no responses I received a message from him saying he had injured himself and had stopped at 1700 burpees. He wished me luck and unmatched me. This made me more determined than ever to succeed.

By the time I reached 5000, my local partner had fallen seriously behind due to work and illness.  I convinced another friend to start and join me for the last 5000.

At a party one night I bumped into a Facebook friend of mine who I didn’t see very often. She told me that she had started as soon as I posted that I was doing the challenge on Facebook and she was going head to head with me. I was so happy and assured her that we would finish together. I reported our progress on Facebook every 1000 burpees to keep us both motivated.  Our friends were encouraging and cheered us on. There were many days where I forced myself to do the burpees as I knew I couldn’t disappoint my friends. They all had so much faith in me.

At the beginning of April I got a massive knot in my back . I almost cried with every push-up I did. With only 1000 burpees  to go,  I eventually went and got a valtaren and cortisone injection. I was instructed to give my body 5 days total rest. I almost cried.

With my original end date looming in 5 days, I resumed the burpees. I had to do 200 / day to make up for my lost days. My back was still knotted but I pushed through the pain. I think those were some of the hardest days of my life.

My proudest moment was when I could finally announce to my friends and the world that I had achieved my goal. I had completed 10 000 burpees in 100 days!
I posted an after photo of myself in a bikini on Facebook.  The response was overwhelming.  So my people said they also wanted to do something to improve themselves.

I am starting a Squat and Ab challenge with 12 new partners. This makes me happy!


My boardroom, my rules.

‘Yes ma’am, should I lock the door behind me?”

‘No, I prefer knowing that someone can walk in at any time”

“As you wish. You called me to take a memo for you?’

“Listen very carefully. Make sure you get his down word for word and then follow the instructions to the letter.”

He looks at her, waiting attentively for her instructions.

“ 1 – move to the head of the table.

2- loosen your pants and drop them to the floor.

3 – lean back against the table and watch me as I take your swelling cock into my mouth

4 – maintain eye contact at all times

5 – when I release your cock from my mouth, sit on the chair at the head of the table

6 – watch me put a condom onto your cock with my mouth

7 – watch my ass as I slowly lower myself onto your cock in reverse cowgirl

8 – put your hands on my waist and help me move up and down your hard shaft until I cum

9 – bend me over the boardroom table and take your pleasure

10 – get dressed and continue as if none of this happened”

He proceeds to follow her instructions to the letter and will NEVER forget that memo…

Note taking

“Sit in that chair and take notes, Ann”

“Yes, sir”

He walk over to her, standing right behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders and start massaging her. “Why are you so tense?”

She gives a nervous giggle, but no real reply. She tilts her head and looks up at him  a second before she assumes her note taking pose.  She has become aware that her dress has started riding up her thighs.

He stands behind her, knowing that if he moves, she will see his hardness. She starts to loosen up as his hand started moving down her neck.  “All work and no play isn’t good for you”

She isn’t really sure what’s happening and feels nervous and yet excited by the prospect of it. “I’m waiting for your instructions sir”

“My instructions, Miss Smith, is to remove this bra of yours and have some fun. “

“Yes sir” she does as instructed

“Good girl” He stands in front of her, between her legs looking down as he unzips his jeans.

She looks up at him with wide eyes. Her heart is racing. She can feel herself get wet with excitement.

“Now you are going to suck what I put in your mouth, understood?”

“Yes sir!”

He rubs his cock tip over her lips, covering them with precum before sliding his shaft into her mouth.

He is so big and hard. She looks up at him as she starts to suck.

“That’s good! Now get up and bend over my table. I want to see your ass”

She does as instructed.

He rubs his hand over her ass and gives it a hard slap.

She gasps…. Pleasure and Pain.

He moves her panties to the side as he puts his hands on her hips and slides into her, pulling her against him.

So big and hard! She pushes against him.

He starts thrusting hard, his balls are hitting her clit.

She bites her lip, trying not to moan too loudly.

He leans over her and starts playing with her nipples.

She is getting wetter and wetter.

He pulls out abruptly. “Get onto the table. I want to watch you play with yourself”

She starts doing as instructed.

He leans in and starts licking her pussy as he starts to finger her.

She arches up into it. Moaning with pleasure. Her hips are moving in an urgent rhythm.

His tongue flicking her Clit. He wraps her arms around her legs, pulling her onto his tongue.

She keeps moaning and moving her hips as her orgasm builds.

Feeling her legs tighten around his head, he looks up along her body.

“Cum baby., I want to feel your juices running down my body”

She cries out and cums hard.

He looks up and wipes his mouth as he stands with his cock in his hand.

“Now it’s my turn”


Coffee with a friend

He was coming around for coffee. They’d been friends for a while and she was so drawn to him. She was sure that she picked up the same vibe from him but it had never been mentioned in any way. She had been out the entire day and decided to have a quick shower before he arrived.

She was about to  put on a clean pair of jeans and T-shirt when she changed her mind. She was going to test her gut.

She quickly slipped into a Teddy, lace panties, fish net stockings and heels. She dusted on some light make up.

The buzzer went and she opened for him to drive in. Her heart was pounding. What if she’d read the signals wrong. What if he wasn’t sexually interested at all.

She put on the kettle and started preparing the coffee cups. Watching the reflection of the door in the glass of the cupboard in front of her.

“Knock, knock!”

2 slow deep breaths before she slowly turned around. Nervous smile pasted on. “Come in”….. Acting cool as if nothing was out of place. “Take a seat, I’m just finishing the coffee”.

She handed him his cup and sat on the opposite couch, making small talk about the day etc. Her palms are sweaty and she can’t read him at all. She feels like a bit of an idiot.

She gets up to fetch something on the kitchen counter. She senses his presence just before she feels his hand touch her.  He turns her around and gives her a good once over. “Is this what you always wear at home?”. She giggles in response.  He takes her hand and leads her to the couch. He sits down and she stands in front of him. He starts exploring her legs with his hands. He leaves a trail of Goosebumps as he moves up to caress her bum. He pulls her down so that she is lying against his chest as they pretend to watch the mindless entertainment on the TV.  She moves her hands up his leg and feels that his cock is hard and has a life of its own.  She rolls over, loosens his pants and takes his cock in her hand. She looks up and sees that he is looking at her with lust. That’s all the encouragement she needs. She slides off the couch and kneels in front of him. She takes his smooth head between her lips and starts moving her head up and down over the shaft. She put her hands on his hips and pulled his jeans down. She looks him in the eye as she slides her hand between his legs. She starts massaging his perineum. She loves the way his cock responds. It gets harder and she can feel it throbbing. She starts moaning. She can’t get enough of him. It’s as if his cock was made for her mouth. She takes him deep into her throat. She is getting so wet.

She looks up and him “Please fuck my mouth”. He stands up. She is up on her knees in front of him again. He puts his hands on either side of her head and starts pounding his cock deep into her mouth. She loves how powerful he seems. She loves how his is controlling his pleasure. She almost gags a few times, but doesn’t care. She has her hands between his legs and can feel his build up. She is moaning loudly.  “You’re a dirty girl! Feel what you are doing to me”

He stops abruptly and pulls her to her feet. He walks her over to the kitchen counter and bends her over it. He slides her panties down and starts power fucking her with his fingers. She is already so wet for him and as his one hand massages her clit, the other keeps hitting her front wall at just the right angle. She can’t  control herself and cries out as she drenches his hands with her cum.

She collapses on the counter as he goes and wash his hands.



Meet-up – Hearts

She had no idea what to expect but she believed in trying everything at least once.

She arrived at 18H15 as instructed, went to the bar and ordered a tequila and a whiskey and water. She found a table on the periphery where she could enjoy her drink and observe the crowd.

Interesting mix. No one stood out yet but she was staying positive.

At 18h30 the game started. She worked the crowd slowly calling out her card. Everyone smiled and greeted her. Finally she met her match. Jack of hearts. They went to announce themselves to the organisers and collect new cards.  She matched with 5 different men in the allocated time.

The game was over and they announced the winners. The lady winner wins a bottle of wine. And they called her name! She went up to collect her prize to light applause.

She left the bottle at the bar while she went to mingle some more. On her way to the table she planned to sit at, a guy stopped her saying “get your prize and let’s go back to your place and enjoy it”. Cheeky bugger!  She had a good look at him. Not bad actually. She laughed and pushed past him to go and finish her drink.

She collected her wine and thanked the organisers. She got into the lift. It stopped one floor before her floor. The door opened and the cheeky man from earlier got in. He laughed “great timing, I’m so glad you came to get me to go home with you” she couldn’t help but laugh too.

In the parking he said ” I’m parked over there, the white BMW, should I follow you?” He first instinct was to say no, but something made her feel brave “I don’t invite strangers to mine, but I’ll follow you to yours.” “Excellent!! Let’s go”

He didn’t live far from the venue. As they pulled into his driveway she sent her friend the location. They knew to always check on each other.

“Welcome” as he ushered her in to a very nice, tidy home. Brownie points! He took out glasses and uncorked the wine for them. Cheers! They sipped the wine as they stood at the kitchen counter. He looked her in the eye as he come up to her and put his glass on the counter. He leaned in and kissed her. Mmmm… soft, passionate lips, exploring tongue. Enough to get her heart racing.

The kissing and petting got heavy quickly.

She pushed him away, took a sip of her drink, put the  glass on the counter and looked him in his eyes as she went down on her knees in front of him. She loosened his button and zip and released his throbbing cock. Smiling up at him, she slowly put her wet lips over his cock and started moving them up and down. Her hand was a perfect, tight fit around his base and it followed the movement of her mouth.

He was really enjoying this but wasn’t ready for it to end yet.

He pulled her up and pushed her against the wall, facing it. Sliding his hands down her legs to spread them he went on his haunches behind her. He started kissing her legs, starting behind her knees, moving his way up. Soon his lips were between her legs. She arched her back, giving him better access. Her panties were already soaked.  He sucked licked and prodded,all through the material. It was fantastic, but she wanted more.  Eventually she couldn’t stand it anymore and she pushed him away.

He laughed and stood up. He pinned her against the wall and kissed her with passion. Then her took her hand and lead her to the bedroom.  She sat down on the bed and pulled him close. She pushed his pants right down and put took his cock into her mouth once again.  He started moaning.

Soon he was lying on the bed and she was on top of him. He’d removed her panties and they were doing a 69. She was moaning and sucking at the same time.  One hand was moving with her mouth and the other was playing with his balls and his ass.

She couldn’t control herself and came in his mouth.

She immediately turned around, found the condom on the dressing table and put it on him. He pushed her onto her stomach, got off the bed and pulled her closer. He slipped his throbbing cock inside her and rode her hard. Fuck it was good.

He rolled her over and put her legs up against his chest. She lifted her pelvis up so that she was the perfect height. His cock rubbed against every one of her already stimulated nerve endings. She cried out as her muscles contracted around him in a massive orgasm.

He followed within seconds.

They both collapsed and said nothing as they recovered.