Lunch Date

He invited her to lunch.

‘Don’t wear any panties.’ The message had read.

After much deliberation she decided on a short denim skirt, t-shirt and heels.

He gave her an appreciative once over before he greeted her and opened the Discovery door for her. Her skirt rode right up, exposing the tiniest flash of butt cheek as she got in.

His hand on her bare leg kept moving up during their short trip to the restaurant. She restrained it with her own. Giving him a mischievous sideways glance.

He opened the door for her and watched carefully for the flash that he knew would appear.  He wasn’t disappointed.

It was a beautiful day. They were seated in the courtyard. There were just enough people seated at other tables to make it exciting but to still leave them out of hearing range.

After placing their order and receiving their drinks she pushed her chair away from the table and leaned back and slowly crossed her legs. She loved the way he watched her hungrily. She stood up from her chair and sat on the chair next to him. ‘Too much sun on that side’.

She took his hand and moved it up her leg. She looked him in the eye. “Feel how wet I am for you”. She place her hand on his crutch. She could feel that he liked that. She kept holding his cock firmly as she told him how her body was responding to being here, almost exposed with him in a public place.
‘The breeze  is caressing  my very wet lips. I can feel them growing engorged just looking at you. My internal wall muscles contract every time I feel your hard cock move under my hand. I love being so turned on and not doing anything about it immediately’

‘Let’s go to the bathroom. I can change that’
‘No thanks, let’s enjoy our lunch. Let’s keep this for desert’

They ate the tapas and tried to maintain a semblance of normal conversation, which was very difficult, as she knew just how to move to expose herself to him time and again.

As the plates were being cleared away ‘Are we staying here for desert?’
‘No, let’s go to yours’

Bill paid, another flash as she got into the vehicle and they were on their way. He put his hand on her thighs and moved her skirt right up. She was really happy that he drove an automatic.

She responded by unzipping him. She smiled as she realised that he wasn’t wearing any underwear either. They were both playing with each other. The windows started misting up. She was  happy that his car was so high until they stopped at the robot next to another 4×4. The driver looked over into her window. She caught his eye just as he registered what he had witnessed. She couldn’t help laughing.

She took long, slow steps as she walked up the stairs in front of him.
He opened the door and grabbed her the second they were both inside. He kissed her hard as he worked his pants loose. He turned her around and bent her over the kitchen counter.
He was inside her, grabbing her hair. She opened her eyes and looked out the window and realised that anyone who looked up could see them. The excitement of the long build-up and knowledge that they may be watched caused her to climax quickly.
“Mother fucker!!!!!”

She collapsed for just a second before going onto her knees and taking his hard cock between her lips. She knew just how he liked to be sucked. She knew how he enjoyed having his balled played with. She knew how he likes her fingers gently playing with his starfish without becoming invasive.

She could hear and feel his build up. The muscles in his legs were becoming tense.  The veins on his cock were throbbing. She swallowed and took him deep into her throat. That did it.
She swallowed his salty fluid. She loved that taste.

She stood up and kissed him. ‘Thanks for lunch’

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