Muscle Inspection

He’d decided to join the gym just over a month ago. He was fairly fit as he cycled with the club every weekend and ran almost daily. He had decided it was time to bulk up a bit as he had been described as skinny once too many times.

He’d taken the booster starter option where he’d been given a few personal training sessions to get him going. It was great but he’d decided to go and visit the Biokineticist to get a proper bulking diet and bulking program. She taken his starting measurements and sent him off with the programs with strict instructions to return after a month for a progress visit. Today was that day.

She greeted him with her beautiful, friendly smile and asked him a lot of questions around the training and diet.  He couldn’t stop his mind from wondering to visions of what she would look like without her tracksuit and snug t-shirt. He couldn’t stop his body’s response to the visions either.

“Let’s take a look at your progress and get you measured. Please strip down to your shorts”
He did as instructed, hoping that the shorts would hide his very hard cock.

She stood really close behind him as she used the calipers on his back and arms. He turned around and misjudged her proximity. His cock brushed against her. Slightly embarrassed, he looked into her eyes to gage her response. She had a mischievous smile on her face and in her eyes.  She measured the front of his arms and his chest. Then the different areas of his abs. Then she went onto her knees in front of him as she measured his calves.  She measured his thighs.  Then she paused for a few seconds before looking up at him. “May I remove your shorts as I need to do a proper measurement of your glutes please”.  He took a moment to respond as he wasn’t sure how she would react. “Go for it” with a naughty grin.

She tugged at the shorts, pulling them down. He watched her face as they revealed that he had been going commando. Only a brief flash of surprise before she gave an appreciative giggle. She removed the shorts totally and asked him to turn around. She took the measurements she needed. Having her hands on his bare ass gave his cock a life of its own.

She turned him around again. Her face in line with his cock. She looked up at him. “Only one more measurement left” she put his throbbing member between her lips and started sucking.  She kept looking up at him to see his reaction. He couldn’t stop the moans escaping him.

He wanted more. He pulled her up to her feet and pushed her over the massage table. He quickly removed her tracksuit pants and smiled as he saw that she also went commando. He quickly found his wallet, removed a condom and put it on. He licked her already wet pussy for a bit until she started wriggling with pure enjoyment. He stood up and banged her hard. She was becoming very vocal in her enjoyment. He could feel his cock growing even harder and throbbing.  She pushed him away and then onto the massage table. She straddled him and rode him hard while stimulating her clit with her own hand. He could feel her muscles contracting as she cried out and exploded. His body’s response was to cum long and hard.

She hopped off him, handed him a towel and his clothes and continued filling in his assessment. As he cleaned up and changed, he became aware of the sounds of all the people just outside he door. There was no way that they hadn’t heard what was going on. He smiled as the thought excited him.

“I am very satisfied with your progress. Same time next month?”

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