Truth or Dare

Truth of Dare?

She was bored at the office so he had suggested they play a game.


“I dare you to stop by here after gym”

Dammit she couldn’t do that. She’d already committed to Dinner with another friend. She really wanted to know what the dare would entail. She knew what she was hoping for.

“May I change that to “I dare you to stop by here after gym tomorrow night” please?I have already agreed to meet a friend for dinner tonight”

He couldn’t do the next night. Her heart sank. Maybe she was wrong….

They carried on playing with other silly dares and truths.Then it came….


“Stop at my place for 5 minutes before you go to gym just now”

All sorts of thoughts went through her mind. What was he going to get her to do. She knew what she wished for, but she also knew that he didn’t see her in that way.

As she drove to his place she pictured all the possibilities. The fantasies were nothing new as she’d had them over and over about him. The thought that one of them would be materialised made her stomach knot. The possibility that he might not actually go through with it was enough to make her want to turn around and go home.

The other thought plaguing her was what if he did go through with it and it was really good? Could they get back to what they have now?

Deep breath…. And Go……..

They greeted each other and walked in. The usual chatter about everything and nothing at the same time. There was a definite “expectancy” hanging in the air between them.  She concentrated on keeping her breathing even and acting ‘normal’.

“Were you shocked at my dare?”

“Not at all, you know I enjoy dares.”

He walked up to her and took both her hands in his and drew her closer. After pausing for what seemed like minutes, he finally leaned in and kissed her.  Her reaction shocked her. She felt like a school girl experiencing a kiss for the very first time. Her heart was contracting, her throat was dry, she felt almost feint.

He immediate impulse was to pull away and say something funny about the dare being over and get in her car and get away as fast as possible.

He pulled away and then started kissing her ear and neck. He had her. There was no way that she could leave even though her mind was warning her to run.

This was far more intense than any of her fantasies had been. She wanted more. She pulled away and sat on the counter in order to put some distance between them.  She didn’t need more. These kisses were electricity.

The move back fired. He come up to her and stood between her legs and continued to kiss her.  He started feeling her legs and pulling her dress up. That threw her. She knew that he didn’t like a girl who would go too far. And she had no intention here, but he was making it difficult.  She jumped down as this would make it more difficult for him to lift her dress. This didn’t work either, as he took her hand and placed it on his throbbing cock. “Look what you do to me”.

What game was he playing?. She didn’t want to go there with him. He had told her it’s not what he likes. But she couldn’t control her reaction. She tried to act cool and make a joke of it.

“Does it bother you that I am going to be thinking about this tonight?” “No, but I’d like to know what you’ll be thinking” He had his lips against her ear as he said “ I’ll have you bent over this counter and I’ll have my head between your legs. Then I can just imagine how easy it will be to go inside you as you are so wet already”

“Bloody Hell!!!” what was he doing? He mind and body were fighting. She wanted more than anything to grab him and experience what he had just described, but she knew that would ruin everything they had built up to this point. She had to be strong and in control.

It almost felt like physical pain as she pulled away from him. “I need to go. I have dinner waiting for me”

She took one last look at the suggestive shirt with the octopus engulfing the ship on it. Maybe one day…….? But part of her knew already that it could never happen as she was the kind of girl he steered away from.


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