Sexual Rendezvous

Avid Classic Car collector, intellectual, funny, cat lover, horny, the usual. Swipe right if you are ready for a sexy Challenge/dare;)

Did someone say dare?…… How could she resist? She’s a sucker for a dare.

Swipe right….

Not long afterwards she heard the beeping of the phone.

The message flashed on the phone:  “

“Ready for your sexy dare?”

“I’m always ready. Go…..”

“I dare you to slip away from work for an hour or so and meet me for a sexy rendezvous.”

WOW! That was a bit unexpected. But so exciting.


She drove into the park and followed his instruction to drive all the way to the dam. As she came over the hill she saw his Blue SUV parked. He was nowhere in sight which meant that he was still sitting in his car. Dammit! She hoped that she would be able to check him out as she drove up.

She parked her car next to his and got out.

His door opened and she heard him getting out too. He walked around the car and she smiled as she saw him. He was well dressed ,tall and good looking.

She had walked to his car.  She laughed and said “Hello” and leaned in for a hug. He hugged her back, and while doing so, pushed her up against his car. He released her just enough so that she could look up at him. He kissed her. It was soft and yet passionate at the same time. His tongue exploring her mouth without being invasive. He took his time and she enjoyed exploring him too.

He pulled away from her and ,taking her hand, lead her to the edge of the dam. He asked her to sit on a log placed in front of a large tree. She obliged. He sat next to her and started kissing her again. This time his hands were exploring her body. She was exploring his young body with hers too. Much skinnier than she usually liked but nicely toned.

His hand worked their way up her bare legs and moved in under her short dress.  He was cupping her bum then moved his hands around to feel her growing excitement.  She had very mixed feelings. She was super aroused and excited but she was also super embarrassed. She had not planned for this to be part of her day so was wearing very practical cotton panties. Nothing lacy or sexy at all.

She didn’t have much time to think about it as he removed them before she realised what was happening.  He slid to the ground in front of her, moved her short dress up and placed his head between her legs. She leaned back against the tree and allowed herself to enjoy the sensation fully as he started exploring her with his tongue and lips. The long strokes with the flat of his tongue, the sucking of her clit, his fingers entering her and stimulating her already engorged front wall.  She was getting wetter and wetter.

She looked up and saw someone on the other side of the dam. Could he see them? She wasn’t sure. He seemed to be looking in their direction. The thought of him observing them made her even wetter.

His fingers had started working faster and her hips were moving with and urgency. His lips, his mouth, his fingers…… she was starting to see spots. Her breath was starting to sound like she had run a marathon.  She could feel her muscles starting to contract as she was building up to explode. “OH MY FUCKING HELL!!!”  She was wett everywhere.

He stood up and dropped his pants, releasing his raging hard on. He pulled her up and  turned her around to face the tree. He slipped on a condom and then took her hard and fast. All her nerve ending were exposed and it didn’t take much for her to come violently again.

He turned her around and moved her to the other side of the tree where he lifted her leg up and took her from the front. It didn’t take long until he grunted loudly as he came.

He collapsed against her. Once they could both stand steadily again, she pushed him away, give him a quick kiss and left.

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