Movie date

She had butterflies in her stomach as she prepared for his arrival. She didn’t know what to expect.

They had seemed to have a real connection initially but he’d gone off her after she sent him the link.
Then the random contact and photos again.
She’d agreed to meet him for drinks even though she felt judged by him and it went surprisingly well. He was big, the way she liked her men, and had the most beautiful eyes and there was an attractive way about him.

Initially he’d invited her to his place for dinner but had asked for the venue to move to hers at the last minute. She’d agreed with apprehension as she knew that her place would be very humble compared to what he was used to.

She went out to meet him at the parking. Slightly awkward greeting and then she showed him to the table at he balcony and offered him a drink. He’d brought curry.

After dinner he looked at her “So what movie are we watching?” She had no idea if anything she had would appeal to him so asked him to choose while she clean up the dinner stuff.

Movie chosen, dishes washed, she went and sat on the second couch. ‘Don’t tell me you are going to sit there?’ She moved next to him, not quite sure how close or far and felt like an inexperienced  school girl.

After moving the couch that they could both sit more comfortably,  he put his arm behind her and it just felt right to rest her head on it. She could see him look at her out of the corner of her eye. How to respond? She didn’t want to seem like the girl he seemed to think she was so she kept looking forward. Very self conscious.

About 1/2 way through  the movie he leaned over and kissed her. It was electric! She didn’t know when last she was so drawn to someone physically.

They kept pulling apart and went through the motions of watching the movie. The intervals between the kissing become shorter. Eventually she found herself sitting on his lap kissing him. She could feel his growing excitement. “I want to take you to the room and fuck you”. Was this a test? “I thought you want to take things slowly?”. “I want you now!” She wasn’t sure what to do as she really wanted him but didn’t want to lose him by giving in to soon.

The decision was taken away from her as he lifted her up and lead her to the bedroom. He undressed her while kissing her. She was wetter than she could remember ever being. She let him take the lead as he’d told her before that he enjoyed he hunt.

He explored her body slowly. Her body was on fire. Every nerve ending alive. Eventually she helped him remove his clothes. He grabbed her and looked deep into her soul as he entered her. Shivers shot through her entire body. This was a different kind of sex , very intense. She could feel every inch if his as he moved in and out of her.

He let her get on top of his huge body.  She started off riding him slowly with long strokes, as if she was milking him. As the intensity grew, so did the speed. She came hard! All over him. A few seconds to recover and then she started again. This time she turned around to reverse cowgirl. He seemed to like that. She came quick again. Then he was on top pounding her to her 3rd orgasm.

Oh my fuck!!!!! How could this be so unbearably good with a man who had seemed to reject her.

She didn’t know. She didn’t care. She wanted lots more!

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