First Date

They’d agreed to a first date. But it was a first date with a difference.

She sat at the bar facing the tables against the windows as agreed. Her heart was racing with anticipation as she ordered her drink.

She recognised him from his photos as he walked up and spoke to the hostess briefly and then followed her to be seated at his window table. He ordered his drink and once he was alone he looked around and caught her eye. A lot was communicated through that look and she felt almost giddy with excitement.

At exactly 5pm, she look towards the door to see the beautiful blonde being led to the table. He stood up and greeted her with a kiss on each cheek.  She watched as he offered the blonde a drink and ordered it. Now they were going through the usual polite ‘getting to know you’ exchange. She saw how the blonde started to warm to him. He was polite but very animated. They were having a good laugh.

Knowing what was about to happen got her very excited. If only the blonde knew.

Every so often he would look up and catch her eye. Just long enough for her to give him a mischievous, knowing grin.

After everyone had had a few drinks and he’d ordered a fresh round for his table,she got off her bar stool and walked slowly past his table to the ladies. She went into the first cubicle, and removed her panties.

She didn’t have to wait too long before she heard the bathroom door open. As he walked through the cubicle door and locked it, he grabbed her and kissed her. At the same time she pushed him down onto the toilet seat. She undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles. She put a condom in her mouth and slipped it over his throbbing cock. Followed with a few sure strokes with the mouth.

She didn’t waste much time in mounting him. She faced the door in reverse cow girl. She lifted her dress up while he held her waist and assisted her fast pounding. They were both breathing very heavily while trying to control the sound of their pleasure.

They heard the door open and footsteps enter. He put his hand over her mouth to silence her. Finally –  the tap being turned on and off and the door again. He removed his hand.


He stood up and started banging her hard. Her head was hitting against the door but neither of them cared. He cried out as he came.
He quickly removed the condom, pulled up his pants and left.

She finished herself off. Panties on, she fixed her face in the mirror and combed her hair.

She walked past the table slowly and smiled at the blonde. She returned the smile so innocently that it was clear that she had no idea what had just happened.

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