A Rainy Visit

She came out of gym in the cold and wet. She could hardly see out of her window on her short drive to work.

She was the first one in the office. She switched on the coffee machine and found herself gazing out the window at his place while she waited for it to warm up, picturing him all snug in his bed.

On an impulse, she set the machine to make two cups.

When it was done, she took both cups and walked the short distance to his place next door. She phoned him when she was a few minutes away “Don’t ask any questions, please open your front door.” She could hear his confusion as he stumbled to open the door.

He looked so HOT and confused as he stood there. “Get back into bed, I brought you some coffee”. He hesitated for just a moment before following her instructions. She placed the cups on the side table and got undressed. She had to smile at his shocked expression.

She got into the bed next to him and picked up her coffee and started drinking. “This is a surprise” He said. She grinned her naughtiest grin. “It is stay in bed weather, and I couldn’t think of a better bed to be in”

That was all the encouragement he needed. Looking deeply into her eyes, he took the cup out of her hand and placed it on the side table. He leaned in and gave her a hungry kiss. She returned it passionately.

When they finally pulled away from each other, she pushed his shirt over his head. She explored his chest with her lips. She lightly bit his nipples and loved the responsive moan.  Slowly down his torso. She worked her way around the edge of his sleeping shorts and could feel his muscles contracting. Time to get those off. He had his fingers twined in her hair. Pushing her head lower. She took a moment to pause and appreciate his throbbing cock. She looked up with him and grinned while lowering her mouth over him.

As she was sucking he started moving his hips. Pushing himself deep into her wet mouth. She took him right into her throat.  He was moaning. She could feel herself get wet with her own lust.  As she felt him growing even harder and start throbbing, she stopped what she was doing,  and slowing climbed up. She lowered herself slowly onto him.

The rain was coming down hard.

He had his hands on her hips and helped her move as her pace became urgent. She came quickly and explosively.

He phone started ringing. She glanced over and saw that it was her office. “I have to take it”. He smiled as he watched her trying to control her breathing as she answered it. “Hello” Her eyes widened and he watched her control her reaction as she felt his tongue on her. Her free hand was digging into the sheets, knuckles turning white. Deep, slow breath….“He’s early, please get him some coffee, let him fill the forms and take his finger prints. I shouldn’t be too long”. She turned off the call just in time to let out a loud gasp of pleasure.

He pulled  her off the bed and moved her so that she was looking out of the window and took her from behind.  He was pulling her hair and pounding her hard. She looked out of the window and could see right into the window of her office. She could see that her colleagues were moving around the office. Totally oblivious to the fact that if they stopped and looked out, they would see her being fucked. He was hitting her front wall at just the right angle. Her muscles started contracting around him. 3 slow strokes and 1 hard, repeated a few times. Slow…slow…slow….. She was ready……. As he thrust into her they exploded together.

She collapsed enjoying the feeling of fireworks from fingers to toes. After a few minutes, she rolled over, kissed him, jumped up and put her clothes on. “Chat later” and she was gone.

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