Pool party

She was skinny dipping in the beautiful warm pool on his deck. She could see the ocean in the distance. She was a little bit tipsy as she’d been cooling herself off with R and R’s the entire afternoon.


She heard the car stop outside the front of the house. She could picture him as he opened the door and walked in. Straight to the kitchen. She heard the fridge door open and shut as he helped himself to a beer. She heard his footsteps fade as he headed to the bedroom. Finally she heard the steps approaching her. She swam to the end of the pool and climbed up the steps. She was fully exposed by the time he walked through the door, with beer and bag in hand. She could see the appreciation in his eyes.


She walked over to him and gave him a wet hug and a hungry kiss. “I’ve missed you”

They kissed for a while longer. His hands exploring her wet body eagerly. She was already very aroused by being in the sun and the alcohol.


They lay back on the loungers.  She had the one next to the pool and her fingers could just trail in the water. He was on the one next to her and they touched each other as they shared stories of their day.


He stood up “another drink?” he offered. “yes please” she closed her eyes as she heard him walk away. She heard the music as he put on a sexy playlist. She heard as he walked up behind her. Keeping her eyes closed, she tilted her head up to him. She was rewarded with a kiss. She felt a strange light pressure against her eyes. She tried to open them and realized that he was busy blindfolding her. She grinned. She loved games.  He came around and tied her one hand to the arm rest of the chair. He left the other hand so that she could still feel the water.


SPLASH! She felt the spray all over her body as he dived in.  She heard him swim a few lengths. “AHHHH!!!!!” Water was being sprayed over her body. She loved the ice cold sensation on her burning nakedness. She could feel every dropped as is made its way into the crevices of her body. The sensation sent shivers of pure pleasure through her body.


Without warning there was a very wet mouth against hers prying it open.  It was an upside down kiss and felt very strange. He pulled away for a few seconds. Mouth back. This time hers opened easily to receive him. “Oh my!” as she tried to identify the strange, sweet liquid he’d put in her mouth. RnR.

He ran his wet hands all over her body as he moved around her. Mouth still exploring hers hungrily.

He stopped kissing her abruptly as he moved to the end of the lounger. She felt him as he pushed his body between her feet and pushed her legs apart. He was licking the water that he was dripping on her, off her. Every nerve was coming alive and straining up to meet him. He had his head right in front of her pulsing pussy. He blew it. “Brrr….” Right through her.  She felt his warm lips spread her wide open. She lifted towards him. “WOW!!” Cold and wet. That was ice he had inside her. It melted quickly with the warmth of his mouth as it was sucking, liking ,kissing. She wasn’t sure if the wetness she felt was the melting ice or her own juices.


She started moving her hips with an urgency as all her sensations seemed heightened. The rhythm of the music, the slight breeze caressing her body, the cold water between her fingers, his warm mouth and tongue on her, his big ,rough hands groping her nipples and breasts.  She was slipping into a pleasure trance. Her moaning increased as did the movement of her hips. Now he had a vibrator inside her as he was licking and sucking her clit. She saw the most amazing fireworks as her body exploded. She was still convulsing as she felt him entering her. He was rock hard and held nothing back.  He ripped the blindfold off and she looked into his dilated eyes with the sun setting behind his head as they both cried out in pleasure and came together.

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