The Skinny Dip

She’d said that he would need to do something really different to entice her to go on a date. She was so sick of the many coffee, drink, lunch, dinner interview type dates that she had endured for the past few months.

“I see that one of your Likes is skinny dipping. So is mine. Come to my place at 10pm tonight for a skinny dip” was his reaction to her.
The idea of it excited her. But she had to lay down some rules so that it didn’t go in a direction she wasn’t ready for.

‘Deal, but these are my rules. We go straight to the pool and swim. No chatting before at all. No touching during the swim. If you like what you see, you invite me in for coffee afterwards, if i like what i see, I will accept.”

She followed his directions and ended up at a complex. She parked in the allocated parking as instructed. She saw him walk up as she parked. She really liked what she saw! Not at all like his picture. So much better.
“Would you like to come in for a glass of wine?” he greeted her.
“No, lets stick to the rules” she replied and followed him as he lead her to the complex communal swimming pool.
The security guards were sitting at the table next to the pool eating their dinner.
He gave them one look and they left. That impressed her more than she’d ever admit.
She stopped at the pools edge, and lifted her dress over her head. (she’d worn one that looked like a mans shirt as he had mentioned that he is looking for someone who would be comfortable wearing just a mans shirt). She dived straight into the chilly water and started swimming some lengths.
She heard the splash as he followed her in.
They swam near each other but made sure there was no touching. She knew that she was more that ready to accept a coffee invite and didn’t hesitate when he looked at her and offered “coffee?”
She followed  him to his place. As she walked passed him into his apartment, he commented “Your hair smells great!”.
She popped the shirt/dress over her head as he was making the coffee and slipped her panties on. She knew he could see her.
There was an electric energy between them as they drank their coffee and made small talk. As soon as the cup was cold she thanked him and left.
When she got home she sent him a message to thank him for the ‘date’ and mentioned that she thought that he is very hot.
“How about another date? This time we play by my rules.” was his reply.
“What are they?” she asked. “In the same way that you said we will skinny dip, I am telling you that we will have sex. Same time and place tonight”
She made sure that she looked and felt as fuckable as possible. She was a little nervous as she had no idea what to expect when she pulled in to his parking.  Her nerves faded quickly as she saw his beautiful smile.
He handed her an already poured drink and took her out to the garden. He stood behind her as she sipped on her wine and wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her neck and ears. She strained into him.
This seemed to go on for every. He wouldn’t let her turn around either.
He stopped abruptly, turned her around, kissed her hard and passionately and lead her by the hand to the bedroom.
He lifted her dress over her head and pushed her back onto the bed. She watched as he removed his jeans and t-shirt. He encased his throbbing cock in a condom.
He wasted no time and before she knew it, he was on top of her, pounding her hard. He was like a man possessed and the animal lust drove her wild.
She was starting to see black spots as as she came close to cuming.
He pulled out suddenly and without warning flipped her over. He grabbed her hips and she gasped with pleasure as she felt his throbbing cock impaling her. She could feel him start to sweat as he drove into her relentlessly. She let herself go and cried out in pure pleasure as he grunted and fucked her right over the edge. He exploded shortly after her.
She collapsed and took deep breaths as she composed herself enough to roll over and look at this man that had taken her long and hard.
Smiling up at him she said “I like your rules”

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