Lunch Date

He invited her to lunch.

‘Don’t wear any panties.’ The message had read.

After much deliberation she decided on a short denim skirt, t-shirt and heels.

He gave her an appreciative once over before he greeted her and opened the Discovery door for her. Her skirt rode right up, exposing the tiniest flash of butt cheek as she got in.

His hand on her bare leg kept moving up during their short trip to the restaurant. She restrained it with her own. Giving him a mischievous sideways glance.

He opened the door for her and watched carefully for the flash that he knew would appear.  He wasn’t disappointed.

It was a beautiful day. They were seated in the courtyard. There were just enough people seated at other tables to make it exciting but to still leave them out of hearing range.

After placing their order and receiving their drinks she pushed her chair away from the table and leaned back and slowly crossed her legs. She loved the way he watched her hungrily. She stood up from her chair and sat on the chair next to him. ‘Too much sun on that side’.

She took his hand and moved it up her leg. She looked him in the eye. “Feel how wet I am for you”. She place her hand on his crutch. She could feel that he liked that. She kept holding his cock firmly as she told him how her body was responding to being here, almost exposed with him in a public place.
‘The breeze  is caressing  my very wet lips. I can feel them growing engorged just looking at you. My internal wall muscles contract every time I feel your hard cock move under my hand. I love being so turned on and not doing anything about it immediately’

‘Let’s go to the bathroom. I can change that’
‘No thanks, let’s enjoy our lunch. Let’s keep this for desert’

They ate the tapas and tried to maintain a semblance of normal conversation, which was very difficult, as she knew just how to move to expose herself to him time and again.

As the plates were being cleared away ‘Are we staying here for desert?’
‘No, let’s go to yours’

Bill paid, another flash as she got into the vehicle and they were on their way. He put his hand on her thighs and moved her skirt right up. She was really happy that he drove an automatic.

She responded by unzipping him. She smiled as she realised that he wasn’t wearing any underwear either. They were both playing with each other. The windows started misting up. She was  happy that his car was so high until they stopped at the robot next to another 4×4. The driver looked over into her window. She caught his eye just as he registered what he had witnessed. She couldn’t help laughing.

She took long, slow steps as she walked up the stairs in front of him.
He opened the door and grabbed her the second they were both inside. He kissed her hard as he worked his pants loose. He turned her around and bent her over the kitchen counter.
He was inside her, grabbing her hair. She opened her eyes and looked out the window and realised that anyone who looked up could see them. The excitement of the long build-up and knowledge that they may be watched caused her to climax quickly.
“Mother fucker!!!!!”

She collapsed for just a second before going onto her knees and taking his hard cock between her lips. She knew just how he liked to be sucked. She knew how he enjoyed having his balled played with. She knew how he likes her fingers gently playing with his starfish without becoming invasive.

She could hear and feel his build up. The muscles in his legs were becoming tense.  The veins on his cock were throbbing. She swallowed and took him deep into her throat. That did it.
She swallowed his salty fluid. She loved that taste.

She stood up and kissed him. ‘Thanks for lunch’

Muscle Inspection

He’d decided to join the gym just over a month ago. He was fairly fit as he cycled with the club every weekend and ran almost daily. He had decided it was time to bulk up a bit as he had been described as skinny once too many times.

He’d taken the booster starter option where he’d been given a few personal training sessions to get him going. It was great but he’d decided to go and visit the Biokineticist to get a proper bulking diet and bulking program. She taken his starting measurements and sent him off with the programs with strict instructions to return after a month for a progress visit. Today was that day.

She greeted him with her beautiful, friendly smile and asked him a lot of questions around the training and diet.  He couldn’t stop his mind from wondering to visions of what she would look like without her tracksuit and snug t-shirt. He couldn’t stop his body’s response to the visions either.

“Let’s take a look at your progress and get you measured. Please strip down to your shorts”
He did as instructed, hoping that the shorts would hide his very hard cock.

She stood really close behind him as she used the calipers on his back and arms. He turned around and misjudged her proximity. His cock brushed against her. Slightly embarrassed, he looked into her eyes to gage her response. She had a mischievous smile on her face and in her eyes.  She measured the front of his arms and his chest. Then the different areas of his abs. Then she went onto her knees in front of him as she measured his calves.  She measured his thighs.  Then she paused for a few seconds before looking up at him. “May I remove your shorts as I need to do a proper measurement of your glutes please”.  He took a moment to respond as he wasn’t sure how she would react. “Go for it” with a naughty grin.

She tugged at the shorts, pulling them down. He watched her face as they revealed that he had been going commando. Only a brief flash of surprise before she gave an appreciative giggle. She removed the shorts totally and asked him to turn around. She took the measurements she needed. Having her hands on his bare ass gave his cock a life of its own.

She turned him around again. Her face in line with his cock. She looked up at him. “Only one more measurement left” she put his throbbing member between her lips and started sucking.  She kept looking up at him to see his reaction. He couldn’t stop the moans escaping him.

He wanted more. He pulled her up to her feet and pushed her over the massage table. He quickly removed her tracksuit pants and smiled as he saw that she also went commando. He quickly found his wallet, removed a condom and put it on. He licked her already wet pussy for a bit until she started wriggling with pure enjoyment. He stood up and banged her hard. She was becoming very vocal in her enjoyment. He could feel his cock growing even harder and throbbing.  She pushed him away and then onto the massage table. She straddled him and rode him hard while stimulating her clit with her own hand. He could feel her muscles contracting as she cried out and exploded. His body’s response was to cum long and hard.

She hopped off him, handed him a towel and his clothes and continued filling in his assessment. As he cleaned up and changed, he became aware of the sounds of all the people just outside he door. There was no way that they hadn’t heard what was going on. He smiled as the thought excited him.

“I am very satisfied with your progress. Same time next month?”

Truth or Dare

Truth of Dare?

She was bored at the office so he had suggested they play a game.


“I dare you to stop by here after gym”

Dammit she couldn’t do that. She’d already committed to Dinner with another friend. She really wanted to know what the dare would entail. She knew what she was hoping for.

“May I change that to “I dare you to stop by here after gym tomorrow night” please?I have already agreed to meet a friend for dinner tonight”

He couldn’t do the next night. Her heart sank. Maybe she was wrong….

They carried on playing with other silly dares and truths.Then it came….


“Stop at my place for 5 minutes before you go to gym just now”

All sorts of thoughts went through her mind. What was he going to get her to do. She knew what she wished for, but she also knew that he didn’t see her in that way.

As she drove to his place she pictured all the possibilities. The fantasies were nothing new as she’d had them over and over about him. The thought that one of them would be materialised made her stomach knot. The possibility that he might not actually go through with it was enough to make her want to turn around and go home.

The other thought plaguing her was what if he did go through with it and it was really good? Could they get back to what they have now?

Deep breath…. And Go……..

They greeted each other and walked in. The usual chatter about everything and nothing at the same time. There was a definite “expectancy” hanging in the air between them.  She concentrated on keeping her breathing even and acting ‘normal’.

“Were you shocked at my dare?”

“Not at all, you know I enjoy dares.”

He walked up to her and took both her hands in his and drew her closer. After pausing for what seemed like minutes, he finally leaned in and kissed her.  Her reaction shocked her. She felt like a school girl experiencing a kiss for the very first time. Her heart was contracting, her throat was dry, she felt almost feint.

He immediate impulse was to pull away and say something funny about the dare being over and get in her car and get away as fast as possible.

He pulled away and then started kissing her ear and neck. He had her. There was no way that she could leave even though her mind was warning her to run.

This was far more intense than any of her fantasies had been. She wanted more. She pulled away and sat on the counter in order to put some distance between them.  She didn’t need more. These kisses were electricity.

The move back fired. He come up to her and stood between her legs and continued to kiss her.  He started feeling her legs and pulling her dress up. That threw her. She knew that he didn’t like a girl who would go too far. And she had no intention here, but he was making it difficult.  She jumped down as this would make it more difficult for him to lift her dress. This didn’t work either, as he took her hand and placed it on his throbbing cock. “Look what you do to me”.

What game was he playing?. She didn’t want to go there with him. He had told her it’s not what he likes. But she couldn’t control her reaction. She tried to act cool and make a joke of it.

“Does it bother you that I am going to be thinking about this tonight?” “No, but I’d like to know what you’ll be thinking” He had his lips against her ear as he said “ I’ll have you bent over this counter and I’ll have my head between your legs. Then I can just imagine how easy it will be to go inside you as you are so wet already”

“Bloody Hell!!!” what was he doing? He mind and body were fighting. She wanted more than anything to grab him and experience what he had just described, but she knew that would ruin everything they had built up to this point. She had to be strong and in control.

It almost felt like physical pain as she pulled away from him. “I need to go. I have dinner waiting for me”

She took one last look at the suggestive shirt with the octopus engulfing the ship on it. Maybe one day…….? But part of her knew already that it could never happen as she was the kind of girl he steered away from.


Sexual Rendezvous

Avid Classic Car collector, intellectual, funny, cat lover, horny, the usual. Swipe right if you are ready for a sexy Challenge/dare;)

Did someone say dare?…… How could she resist? She’s a sucker for a dare.

Swipe right….

Not long afterwards she heard the beeping of the phone.

The message flashed on the phone:  “

“Ready for your sexy dare?”

“I’m always ready. Go…..”

“I dare you to slip away from work for an hour or so and meet me for a sexy rendezvous.”

WOW! That was a bit unexpected. But so exciting.


She drove into the park and followed his instruction to drive all the way to the dam. As she came over the hill she saw his Blue SUV parked. He was nowhere in sight which meant that he was still sitting in his car. Dammit! She hoped that she would be able to check him out as she drove up.

She parked her car next to his and got out.

His door opened and she heard him getting out too. He walked around the car and she smiled as she saw him. He was well dressed ,tall and good looking.

She had walked to his car.  She laughed and said “Hello” and leaned in for a hug. He hugged her back, and while doing so, pushed her up against his car. He released her just enough so that she could look up at him. He kissed her. It was soft and yet passionate at the same time. His tongue exploring her mouth without being invasive. He took his time and she enjoyed exploring him too.

He pulled away from her and ,taking her hand, lead her to the edge of the dam. He asked her to sit on a log placed in front of a large tree. She obliged. He sat next to her and started kissing her again. This time his hands were exploring her body. She was exploring his young body with hers too. Much skinnier than she usually liked but nicely toned.

His hand worked their way up her bare legs and moved in under her short dress.  He was cupping her bum then moved his hands around to feel her growing excitement.  She had very mixed feelings. She was super aroused and excited but she was also super embarrassed. She had not planned for this to be part of her day so was wearing very practical cotton panties. Nothing lacy or sexy at all.

She didn’t have much time to think about it as he removed them before she realised what was happening.  He slid to the ground in front of her, moved her short dress up and placed his head between her legs. She leaned back against the tree and allowed herself to enjoy the sensation fully as he started exploring her with his tongue and lips. The long strokes with the flat of his tongue, the sucking of her clit, his fingers entering her and stimulating her already engorged front wall.  She was getting wetter and wetter.

She looked up and saw someone on the other side of the dam. Could he see them? She wasn’t sure. He seemed to be looking in their direction. The thought of him observing them made her even wetter.

His fingers had started working faster and her hips were moving with and urgency. His lips, his mouth, his fingers…… she was starting to see spots. Her breath was starting to sound like she had run a marathon.  She could feel her muscles starting to contract as she was building up to explode. “OH MY FUCKING HELL!!!”  She was wett everywhere.

He stood up and dropped his pants, releasing his raging hard on. He pulled her up and  turned her around to face the tree. He slipped on a condom and then took her hard and fast. All her nerve ending were exposed and it didn’t take much for her to come violently again.

He turned her around and moved her to the other side of the tree where he lifted her leg up and took her from the front. It didn’t take long until he grunted loudly as he came.

He collapsed against her. Once they could both stand steadily again, she pushed him away, give him a quick kiss and left.

Movie date

She had butterflies in her stomach as she prepared for his arrival. She didn’t know what to expect.

They had seemed to have a real connection initially but he’d gone off her after she sent him the link.
Then the random contact and photos again.
She’d agreed to meet him for drinks even though she felt judged by him and it went surprisingly well. He was big, the way she liked her men, and had the most beautiful eyes and there was an attractive way about him.

Initially he’d invited her to his place for dinner but had asked for the venue to move to hers at the last minute. She’d agreed with apprehension as she knew that her place would be very humble compared to what he was used to.

She went out to meet him at the parking. Slightly awkward greeting and then she showed him to the table at he balcony and offered him a drink. He’d brought curry.

After dinner he looked at her “So what movie are we watching?” She had no idea if anything she had would appeal to him so asked him to choose while she clean up the dinner stuff.

Movie chosen, dishes washed, she went and sat on the second couch. ‘Don’t tell me you are going to sit there?’ She moved next to him, not quite sure how close or far and felt like an inexperienced  school girl.

After moving the couch that they could both sit more comfortably,  he put his arm behind her and it just felt right to rest her head on it. She could see him look at her out of the corner of her eye. How to respond? She didn’t want to seem like the girl he seemed to think she was so she kept looking forward. Very self conscious.

About 1/2 way through  the movie he leaned over and kissed her. It was electric! She didn’t know when last she was so drawn to someone physically.

They kept pulling apart and went through the motions of watching the movie. The intervals between the kissing become shorter. Eventually she found herself sitting on his lap kissing him. She could feel his growing excitement. “I want to take you to the room and fuck you”. Was this a test? “I thought you want to take things slowly?”. “I want you now!” She wasn’t sure what to do as she really wanted him but didn’t want to lose him by giving in to soon.

The decision was taken away from her as he lifted her up and lead her to the bedroom. He undressed her while kissing her. She was wetter than she could remember ever being. She let him take the lead as he’d told her before that he enjoyed he hunt.

He explored her body slowly. Her body was on fire. Every nerve ending alive. Eventually she helped him remove his clothes. He grabbed her and looked deep into her soul as he entered her. Shivers shot through her entire body. This was a different kind of sex , very intense. She could feel every inch if his as he moved in and out of her.

He let her get on top of his huge body.  She started off riding him slowly with long strokes, as if she was milking him. As the intensity grew, so did the speed. She came hard! All over him. A few seconds to recover and then she started again. This time she turned around to reverse cowgirl. He seemed to like that. She came quick again. Then he was on top pounding her to her 3rd orgasm.

Oh my fuck!!!!! How could this be so unbearably good with a man who had seemed to reject her.

She didn’t know. She didn’t care. She wanted lots more!

First Date

They’d agreed to a first date. But it was a first date with a difference.

She sat at the bar facing the tables against the windows as agreed. Her heart was racing with anticipation as she ordered her drink.

She recognised him from his photos as he walked up and spoke to the hostess briefly and then followed her to be seated at his window table. He ordered his drink and once he was alone he looked around and caught her eye. A lot was communicated through that look and she felt almost giddy with excitement.

At exactly 5pm, she look towards the door to see the beautiful blonde being led to the table. He stood up and greeted her with a kiss on each cheek.  She watched as he offered the blonde a drink and ordered it. Now they were going through the usual polite ‘getting to know you’ exchange. She saw how the blonde started to warm to him. He was polite but very animated. They were having a good laugh.

Knowing what was about to happen got her very excited. If only the blonde knew.

Every so often he would look up and catch her eye. Just long enough for her to give him a mischievous, knowing grin.

After everyone had had a few drinks and he’d ordered a fresh round for his table,she got off her bar stool and walked slowly past his table to the ladies. She went into the first cubicle, and removed her panties.

She didn’t have to wait too long before she heard the bathroom door open. As he walked through the cubicle door and locked it, he grabbed her and kissed her. At the same time she pushed him down onto the toilet seat. She undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles. She put a condom in her mouth and slipped it over his throbbing cock. Followed with a few sure strokes with the mouth.

She didn’t waste much time in mounting him. She faced the door in reverse cow girl. She lifted her dress up while he held her waist and assisted her fast pounding. They were both breathing very heavily while trying to control the sound of their pleasure.

They heard the door open and footsteps enter. He put his hand over her mouth to silence her. Finally –  the tap being turned on and off and the door again. He removed his hand.


He stood up and started banging her hard. Her head was hitting against the door but neither of them cared. He cried out as he came.
He quickly removed the condom, pulled up his pants and left.

She finished herself off. Panties on, she fixed her face in the mirror and combed her hair.

She walked past the table slowly and smiled at the blonde. She returned the smile so innocently that it was clear that she had no idea what had just happened.

A Rainy Visit

She came out of gym in the cold and wet. She could hardly see out of her window on her short drive to work.

She was the first one in the office. She switched on the coffee machine and found herself gazing out the window at his place while she waited for it to warm up, picturing him all snug in his bed.

On an impulse, she set the machine to make two cups.

When it was done, she took both cups and walked the short distance to his place next door. She phoned him when she was a few minutes away “Don’t ask any questions, please open your front door.” She could hear his confusion as he stumbled to open the door.

He looked so HOT and confused as he stood there. “Get back into bed, I brought you some coffee”. He hesitated for just a moment before following her instructions. She placed the cups on the side table and got undressed. She had to smile at his shocked expression.

She got into the bed next to him and picked up her coffee and started drinking. “This is a surprise” He said. She grinned her naughtiest grin. “It is stay in bed weather, and I couldn’t think of a better bed to be in”

That was all the encouragement he needed. Looking deeply into her eyes, he took the cup out of her hand and placed it on the side table. He leaned in and gave her a hungry kiss. She returned it passionately.

When they finally pulled away from each other, she pushed his shirt over his head. She explored his chest with her lips. She lightly bit his nipples and loved the responsive moan.  Slowly down his torso. She worked her way around the edge of his sleeping shorts and could feel his muscles contracting. Time to get those off. He had his fingers twined in her hair. Pushing her head lower. She took a moment to pause and appreciate his throbbing cock. She looked up with him and grinned while lowering her mouth over him.

As she was sucking he started moving his hips. Pushing himself deep into her wet mouth. She took him right into her throat.  He was moaning. She could feel herself get wet with her own lust.  As she felt him growing even harder and start throbbing, she stopped what she was doing,  and slowing climbed up. She lowered herself slowly onto him.

The rain was coming down hard.

He had his hands on her hips and helped her move as her pace became urgent. She came quickly and explosively.

He phone started ringing. She glanced over and saw that it was her office. “I have to take it”. He smiled as he watched her trying to control her breathing as she answered it. “Hello” Her eyes widened and he watched her control her reaction as she felt his tongue on her. Her free hand was digging into the sheets, knuckles turning white. Deep, slow breath….“He’s early, please get him some coffee, let him fill the forms and take his finger prints. I shouldn’t be too long”. She turned off the call just in time to let out a loud gasp of pleasure.

He pulled  her off the bed and moved her so that she was looking out of the window and took her from behind.  He was pulling her hair and pounding her hard. She looked out of the window and could see right into the window of her office. She could see that her colleagues were moving around the office. Totally oblivious to the fact that if they stopped and looked out, they would see her being fucked. He was hitting her front wall at just the right angle. Her muscles started contracting around him. 3 slow strokes and 1 hard, repeated a few times. Slow…slow…slow….. She was ready……. As he thrust into her they exploded together.

She collapsed enjoying the feeling of fireworks from fingers to toes. After a few minutes, she rolled over, kissed him, jumped up and put her clothes on. “Chat later” and she was gone.