Ass Inspection

She arrived wearing a summer dress and heals to show off her legs to their best advantage.

He met her with surprise at the door “I’m impressed. Not many people find my place on their own”. She just smiled. Not just because of that comment but because she was very happy with what met her eyes. “He’s HOT” she thought.

He poured their wine and they sat at the outside table making small talk. After a short while he moved around and sat in the chair next to her because he couldn’t hear her clearly.

There was a definite chemistry. They leaned in to each other and touched to emphasized what they were saying. The touch of his hand against the bare flesh of her legs sent shivers of excitement through her.
After the 2nd glass of wine she excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned he was standing up waiting for her. “Time for the inspection” he said. She turned around and he inspected her glutes. (He has said that he needs to inspect her glutes to see if all her training was paying off)
‘Nice! That’s a great ass!” He gave it a good inspection with his hands. Her heart was pounding, her breath increased in pace.
“Thank you” she said and sat down again.
He sat next to her and leaned in saying “Time to show me how well you kiss”. She showed him. More than willingly. She started moaning softly. Every part of her melting into him. She could barley control her breathing.
They eventually pulled away and she drained her glass.
He stood up “I’m going to get more wine. Go and wait for me in my room” She did as instructed. Something about him taking control made her even more turned on.
She lay face down on the bed. He came in a and put the glasses on the side table. He climbed onto the bed and removed her shoes. He lifted her dress and kissed the ass that he had been inspecting earlier. Her body arched into him.
After a few minutes of kissing, prodding and licking, he flipped her over. His warm lips and tongue were urgent in the attention he was giving her. She couldn’t relax and enjoy it as it should have as she was desperate to feel him inside her. (She also needed to see his cock)
She pushed him onto his back as she started removing his clothes. Finally she had his cock in her hand. She liked what she saw and felt. Not the longest cock she’s ever experienced but its girth was perfect! She put him into her mouth. He was perfect. She grabbed the condom, put it in her mouth and slid it over him.
He was clearly enjoying this too.
She straddled him. He felt amazing!! She was fucking him. He wanted his pleasure so he rolled over so that he could take control. He pounded her hard. ‘Fuck me hard!”. He did. He rolled her over and grabbed her hair as he pounded into her.
He blows his load.
He gets dressed and she stays naked as they take their wine and go and drink the wine outside again.
That was the first of 3 VERY good sessions for the night….


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