The Cyclist

He struggled to get up at 4H30 on Saturday mornings for his weekly cycle with the group. But knowing he would see her, got him moving.

The usual bunch gathering with their bikes. The ‘morning people’ cracking jokes, those like him silently trying to stay awake.
‘Good morning’ there she is just in front of him. Riding gear is never flattering but she wears them like the sexiest bikini.

He smiles and mumbles his ‘good morning’.
‘Are you going to catch me this morning?’ She asks with a mischievous challenge in her voice.
She is one of the top ladies in the pack. He usually pulls in at the front of the middle riders.
‘If I catch you, I take you to breakfast’ he replies.
‘Deal!’ She giggles.

And they’re off. She is far ahead of him before he even hits his stride. He puts his head down and his bike starts eating away at the usual 80km’s. He is aware of every muscle in his body. There is a fire burning in his chest.

They are heading home with about 10km’s to go. He risks looking up. She is just ahead of him. He increases his cadence. It feels like his chest will explode.
He looks up. The end is in site and her firm butt is within reach. Head down and power that is motivated by the 100’s of fantasies he’s had about her.
He flies past her as they enter the finish.

Every part of him is burning as he dismounts. Adrenaline and endorphin’s flowing.

He turns around and watches as she arrives and dismounts. A look of disbelieving shock on her face.

‘Breakfast?’ He asks with a huge grin.
‘Let me shower’ is her reply.

‘Its at my place. You can shower there’
‘OK?’ slightly hesitant.

He shows her the guest bathroom and leaves her and has a quick shower in the en-suite. He wraps a towel around his waist and starts preparing the breakfast.

Hearing soft footsteps he looks up to see her dressed in a light summers dress only with damp hair.

She sits on the bar stool as he pours her an orange juice.
He comes around to hand it to her. As he turns away, he feels her hand on his arm. He turns buck and sees her head tilted up to him expectantly.

He leans in for the kiss. Her passionate response causes an immediate stirring from his cock. He lift her up onto the counter. He slips her dress over her head. She isn’t wearing any underwear. He explores her cyclist body with his hands and lips. His head makes its way to between her legs. She lies back over the counter and pushed her throbbing vagina into him. She moans with pleasure. He takes his time. He is working her internal g-spot with a finger while his mouth can feel her clit swell in response to his licking and sucking.

He feels her muscles contracting and suddenly everything is wet as she exclaims with pleasure.

He lifts her off the counter and turns her around. He pushes her forward as he enters her. She pushes her tight ass back into him in time with his thrusts. He is so worked up it doesn’t take him long to explode. He collapses over her for a few seconds.

The best breakfast ever!

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