Quick Shooter

Since he’d joined the Crusaders he’d become quite popular. He was a bit of a novelty. Not only was he the only biker in good shape, but he was the only Chinese biker most people had ever seen.
Since moving out to his plot, and his most recent girlfriend leaving him, he hadn’t made too much effort with women. He was happy in his little home with only his 9 dogs for company.

Lately he’d had so many chicks hit on him. A lot of them were not attractive to him at all but every now and again, she’d be appealing enough to service him.

Today the guys from his club were visiting the head quarters of the sister club in the west. They were a rough bunch and the brandies and shooters were flowing. He looked up as he felt a change in energy around him and heard the comments. ‘Hot chick!’ ‘I could do some of that’ etc.

She seemed to know a number of guys who greeted her as she walked in. She gave back as much as she got and the guys lapped it up. She looked around and noticed him. ‘Who do we have here?’ She asked as she walked over to him. He let his eyes inspect her. He  liked what he saw. He introduced himself ‘Pleased to meet you. I’m G. What can I get you to drink?’

He ordered her drink and they stood making small talk for a while.  ‘How about a quick shooter?’ She offered him. ‘Only if you let me give you a quick shooter afterwards’ ‘Deal’

He lifted the glass, looked her in the eye, and challenged her ‘to new adventures’ . She tapped his glass and repeated ‘to new adventures’ and they downed their drinks.

As she put the glass down he took her by the hand and said ‘my turn’. ‘OK?’ But she followed him willingly to the ladies toilet. Into a cubicle.  He pushed her up against the door and kissed her . She responded hungrily.  His hands were working at her jeans to get them off. As soon as they were at her ankles he turned her around and bent her over the cistern.  He dropped his pants swiftly and took her from behind. She was very ready for him. He pounded hard. He could hear her mounting pleasure. He didn’t care. One final hard thrust and he was done.  He pulled out and pulled his pants up.  ‘What about me?’

‘You agreed to a quick shooter’

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