The Last Word

He was arriving back in an hour.

Time to prepare herself. She shaved, scrubbed and cleaned every part of her body.
She put on the sexy black lingerie that he loved so much and her short, stylish dress.
Make-up done to perfection.
She hears the car pull up outside, takes a deep breath and composes herself.
The door opens and she is flooded with emotion. Attraction, lust, love but most of all Hate! She reminds herself that he doesn’t know that she knows. She puts on a smile and walks up to him and kisses him while she pulls him through the door.
She takes the bag out of his hand and puts it down as she leads him to the bedroom.
She pushes him onto the bed with is back resting against the headboard. She ties his hands up with the restrains that she’s attached to the bed in preparation.

She stands at the end of the bed where he has a good view of her firm body as she slowly pulls the dress over her head. She climbs onto the foot of the bed and crawls up to him seductively.

Starting at his foot and working her way upwards, kissing and licking every part of his body. Stopping to give his now throbbing member some special attention.
As she kisses him, she straightens hers legs and removes her lacy panties. She lowers herself onto his hard cock.
She uses his body and takes her pleasure in the way that she knows will bring her to her explosion quickly and powerfully.
It does!!
She gets off him, picks up her panties, gets off the beds and collects her dress and starts walking out the door.
“What the Fuck!? What are you doing? What about me?”
“Why don’t you scream like the coward you are and maybe Tanya will hear you and come and help you out”
She leaves without ever turning back

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