The Girl

He’d been invited to a braai with his colleague. They were good friends and due to their hectic work schedules, neither of them really had time to pursue relationships so they would often go as each others +1.

He was dressed in his casual stylish jeans and T-Shirt that lightly caught against his well defined pecs.
There were 10 of them at the house. After the introductions, Ryan, the hosts 18 year old daughter came and offered him a drink. He said he would go with her to see what was on offer.

He couldn’t help noticing the way her firm young body moved in her summer dress. He grabbed the beer from the fridge and then she offered to take him on a tour of the house. Anything to stay in the company of this exquisite, intelligent young creature.

They made small talk on their walk and he loved the way she spoke. So passionate about everything.
“How old are you?” she asked. “42” was his reply.
“I find older men very sexy. You guys are so confident and know what you are doing. I always feel so safe around you. I wouldn’t mind an older boyfriend”
He is taken aback but very excited at the same time.
‘Welcome to my room”. She leads him in and then closes the door.  She looks at him with naughty, expecting eyes.”Aren’t you going to show me how an older guy kisses?”
What could he do? The soft, eager lips. Her hands were on him. His on her.
Before he knew it he had her lying on the bed, gently exploring her body. She was making sounds of pure pleasure. He could hardly contain himself.
‘My turn!” she jumps up and pushes him up. She removes his shirt and starts kissing his chest. Her hands exploring his body. She loosens  his zip and button and slowly releases his raging hard on. She holds it in her hand and strokes it like a new toy. Looking up at him with a mischievous smile, she takes it between her lush lips and starts sucking and licking. He looks down at her firm body and the way its moving.
It’s too much! He pushes her back onto the bed and kisses her passionately and slowly enters her. She gasps and he hesitates. She starts moving her hips and that’s all the encouragement he needs.  It doesn’t take long for her to cry out in pleasure and to bite his shoulder hard as she explodes. That sends him over the edge too.
Whooa! What just happened? He has the teeth mark to remind him that is was real for a while after that.

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