The Storm

They were sitting on the couch watching a movie. His favourite kind with lots of violence.

They become aware of the sound of thunder in the distance. The glass door is wide open and they feel a breeze build up.

The storm is rolling in. The lightning lights up the room. She is terrified of thunder and lightning and snuggles in to him. She can feel his arousal. This excites her.
Her hand pull his zip down and loosen the button. He always goes commando which makes access very easy. She slides off the couch and kneels in front of him. Her wet lips working their way up and down his large shaft. She looks up at him and sees his arousal reflected in his face.

A massive lightning strike! Her heart is thumping. Her terror and arousal mixed together. She feels the veins on his penis start to pulsate. It’s too much for her. She needs him inside her.

She pulls him off the couch. Onto his back on the floor. She has his pants off with one swift movement. She mounts him quickly.

Its raining hard and the wind has come up. She feels the wet wind blowing against her skin. The lightning and thunder is right above them. There is hardly any pause between the strikes.

As the storm mounts, so does her fear and excitement. She is riding him hard and fast. Every time she gets a fright her muscles contract hard around him.

Her body has started its own storm. She can feel her internal explosions starting in time with the lightning. As the lighting strikes something that trips the electricity they cum together. She collapses off him.

He can’t come near her for a while. The shocks continue for a good five minutes. She looks at him and smiles. She can tell that it was as good for him as for her.
She loves storms!

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