The Farm House

He heard a car come up the drive way. “That’s strange” He wasn’t expecting any visitors.

He is waiting on the porch as the car stops. Its a little silver Jimny. He watches as the door opens and she gets out. She’s wearing a little black dress with white flowers that softly follows the form of her slim, firm body. The breeze catches the dress as she walks towards him. He notices that she’s not wearing a bra. She has a serious nipple stand.

‘May I help you?’ He asks.

‘I’m looking at moving into the area and wondered if you know of any places like this that might be available to rent’

He doesn’t but he wants to keep her around for a bit. ‘Why don’t I show you around mine so that you can get a proper idea of what the places around here are like?’

‘Please’ she responds.

He opens the door for her and gets a good look at her ass as she walks in front of him. He wouldn’t mind a piece of that!

Its a very hot day so he is only wearing a pair of shorts. He suddenly becomes aware of his body as he’s notices her stare as he’s showing her the living area. He stops at the door of each new room he shows her and puts his hand on her back to usher her in in front of him.
He feels her body lean into his hand.

He ends the tour in the kitchen and opens the fridge and offers her a drink. She walks up to him to look at her options. She reaches past him and helps herself to a Savannah light. He takes it out of her hand with the full intention of opening it but he can’t help himself. He bends down and kisses her. She responds passionately. He picks her up and puts her on the counter. The cider next to her.
As she leans back he sees that she isn’t wearing any panties either. He kneels on the floor and places his face between her legs. She is clean shaven. The way he likes it. He starts off like a butterfly on a flower and slowly increases the licking and sucking. One large finger inside her. He can feel her muscles contracting around his finger as her excitement grows. He loves the taste of her. He can feel himself grow and throb.

He is moving his finger faster and continues to increase the sucking and licking. She cums hard and fast.

He stands up and drops his pants. He is deep inside her and pounds her hard.Her entire body is contracting. She cums again. She pushes him back onto a kitchen chair and mounts him. She rides him hard. She looks into his eyes and he can see her total arousal. He strains his hips up to her as he feels himself grow close to his end. ‘Come with me’. She locks eyes with him and rides him hard. ‘Oh! My! Fuck!’ She exclaims and as they explode in unison!

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