The out ride

She was up at the gate dressed in her biker gear at 2pm as instructed. Full of excited anticipation. It had been a long time since she’d been for a ride. There’s just something about the sound and feeling of a bikes engine that gets her excited.


He is punctual with his BMW 1200GS Adventure.  ‘Are you keen to try a bit of off roading?’ He asks. ‘Please’ she responds as she mounts the growling metal Stallion.


Initially he takes it slowly and cautiously but soon realises that she is comfortable and enjoying it so he speeds up. He had shown her the handles at the back to hold onto. She preferred pressing her body against his with her hands loosely around his waist. That way she could feel the vibrations on his body too.

Nothing beats the feeling of freedom as they speed along.


They are in unfamiliar territory to her now. Soon he takes a small turn off and the terrain changes. She tightens her grip. She’s never been off-road on a bike before. Soon she realises that he knows what he is doing so she relaxes and starts to enjoy it. She is very aware of the vibrating engine between her legs and her body pressed up against his.


They are riding into a forest. She lifts her visor and feels the fresh, cool air against her face. She hears the sounds of nature over the roar of the engine.


As he turns she sees a river ahead of them. He stops next to it and they dismount. The sun has been beating down on them and they are both quick to remove jackets, gloves and helmets. There is a waterfall not too far off.


Impulsively she removes her boots and the rest of her clothes. ‘Common’ she says to him and she runs into the river. She dives into the deeper water and swims towards the waterfall.


Within minutes he is chasing her. It’s a game and they are laughing and splashing around like children. He catches her as she reaches the waterfall. They go under it together as he kisses her. They find a perfectly positioned rock ledge behind the waterfall. She has her legs around him as he pushes her back onto it. There is a lot of kissing and exploring of each others bodies but she is more than ready for him after that ride. She moves to the edge of the ledge and pulls him into her.

Its everything she could have hoped for and more. She finishes before him. She pushes him onto the ledge and takes him in her mouth. The sounds of his mounting pleasure mix in with the rushing water.  There it is!! She feels and tastes the peppery evidence of his explosion. She smiles up at him and swims away.

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