The masked Valentine

The invite read ‘You are cordially invited to the adventure of your lifetime. This key will open the door to  the roof of building number 55, Dale Road, Kramerville. Be there at 7pm. Punctuality is vital. Dress in a suit. Signed – your secret Valentine’


He turns the invite around, looking for some clue as to who had sent it, where it had come from. Nothing.


He starts by deciding to ignore it, but his curiosity gets the best of him.


He gets ready, paying special attention to grooming.  He finds the building with a few minutes to spare. He walks into the lobby. No one is around. Once in the lift he presses the top floor and checks the mirror. ‘Not too shabby!’


He gets out and looks around. Finally finding the stairs behind a closed door. He has 1 minute to get there. He sticks the key in the door at the top of the stairs, turns and sighs with relief as it opens.


He steps out and stops while his eyes adjust to the evening light. He looks around. There is nothing there.  As he walks out onto the roof, he hears music. He follows it. It draws him to the opposite side. He sees a table set for one. No one else is in sight so he takes a seat.


He hears the sound of approaching heels. As he wants to turn his head to look who it is, a pair of hands appear in front of his face. The hands come towards him. Darkness. He feels lips brush his ear. ‘Do not remove this mask until instructed’ its a sexy voice that he cannot place. The gentle fragrance of her perfume catch his nostrils. He hears her move away. His heart has quickened in anticipation. He has NO idea what to expect.


He hears the table being pushed away.  He feels as she straddles his legs with hers. He feels something firm press against his lips. He opens his mouth to receive the sweet strawberry.  As he starts to bite it, he feels the warmth of lips touch his. Her tongue follows the berries path.  He gets lost in the heightened sensation of the different flavours and textures in his mouth.


It ends abruptly. He strains to hear where she’s going. His heart quickens in anticipation. The hands come from behind him. They slide under his jacket and remove it. He feels the breeze against his light shirt.


The music changes. He can hear the movement in front of him. He sees the dancing figure in his minds eye. He senses her come closer. Now she’s behind again. The hands have come around. He feels the cold air against his chest as the shirt is ripped off him. Nipple stand. She had straddled his lap again. Strange, smooth, slightly sticky sensation against his nipples. He can smell chocolate. Warm lips and tongue start sucking and licking it from his nipples. Alternating between the sides. He is straining against his pants. As she moves from side to side she brushes against him.

He can’t resist. He places his hands on her upper thighs, half expecting to be pushed away.  Nothing. He glide his hands along the firm legs. He can feel that they are covered with fish net stockings. He feels where they come to an end at the top of her thighs. She moves as his hand move upwards. Now she is out of reach.


The disappointment get taken over by excitement as he feels the zip being drawn down. His pants are tugged down over his hips. He feels the wet lips. A strange sensation. Like bubbles.  All his senses are tuned into the sensation on his penis. He is incredibly hard. As he starts pulsing, the lips are removed. She has straddled him again. There is a new wetness around him.  He hardly has time to register it before it starts riding him. His mouth is prised open, sparkling liquid that he recognises  as champers. All the sensations are heightened with his loss of sight.


He hears her sounds of excitement. That pushes him to the edge. As he starts to explode to mask is ripped off his face.


He looks right into a beautiful mask with only a pert little nose and lush lips showing. He looks into the eyes. They are clearly as excited as he is.


As soon as he has cum (the biggest load in a long time), she removes herself from his lap and starts walking away. He looks at her beautiful body covered only in the fishnet stocking, black corset and heels and doesn’t recognise it.


‘Wait! Who are you?’

But she has dissapeared down the stairs before he has time to pull up his pants and follow.

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