Dinner for 3…..

He’d invited her around for dinner. They had a great evening. Him cooking and her playing dj and barman.

The barman did her job very well as they were rather tipsy by the end of the meal. They took their glasses and moved into his room.

They were lying on the bed, making our like school children when they both heard a voice saying ‘What the Hell is going on here?!’

He starts stuttering and trying to find something to say. The woman behind the voice marches to the bed and pulls him up.  She pushed him into the chair against the wall. She look at the girl on the bed who has started to get up. ‘Don’t you dare move!’

She walks over to the walk in closet and returns with a tie. She proceeds to tie his hands together and then to the chair.

She turns. Facing the bed and methodically removes her clothes. The girl on the bed stares at her wide eyed.  She watches and she approaches her.

Woman 2 climbs onto the bed. Like a predator. Before woman 1 knows what is happening, she is on top of her, mouths locked together. Its a strange and yet exciting sensation.

Woman 2 (let’s call her Liz) starts working her way down woman 1 (let’s call he Jade)’s body. At first Jade is very tense and super aware of Adam watching them from the corner. She look over at him and realises that he is very excited by what is happening. That turns her on. She decides to relax and enjoy this new experience.

Liz feels Jade relax. She hears her starting to moan as she goes down on her. She looks up and sees that Jade’s eyes are closed. She works her way back up her body. Only stopping briefly to give her firm breasts some attention. She makes her way to her mouth. Kisses her. Then to her ear where she whispers ‘don’t miss me, I’ll be right back’

Jade hears her moving to the walk in closet. She glances over at Adam and smiles at him. He grins back.

She feels hand on her back. They push her onto her stomach. Small, strong hands caress her back. They move to her bum and kneed the cheeks. Now they grip her hips and lift them. A pillow get pushed under them. Her legs and pushed open. The hands on her back again. She feels hard nipples following the track created by the hands. Suddenly there is a hard object against her wetness, it is prodding and pushing. Now it is inside her.

She is being fucked. By a woman!!!

She wants to hate it. She tries to resist, but her body in not co-operating. Soon she is moving with the rhythm.  The whole bizarre situation is heady. She feels her breath quicken. She is riding a wave…. Without warning her body explodes!!

She collapses.

Liz walks over to Adam and sticks the strap on into his mouth. Forcing him to such Jade’s cum off it.
Then she removes the strap on and straddles him and rides him till they both reach ultimate satisfaction. She gets off. Grabs her clothes and leaves.

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