Stranger in my Home

They’d been chatting on line for some time now.
He is much younger than her. She has seen loads of photos and videos of him. He is very cute.
She feels like she knows him.

Tonight she is breaking all of her own rules. He is coming to her house.

She lies on the bed. Dressed only is a shear Teddy. Candle light giving the room a soft glow.

Her heart is beating in anticipation. Security calls and announces that he is at the gate. She let’s him in. Takes a sip of water. ‘Please don’t let him be a murderer!!’ She prays.

She hears the car park. Heavy footsteps to the front door. The unlocked sliding door being pushed open. He stops. She pictures him as he stops in the entrance hall, as agreed, and removes his clothes and puts on the condom.

Deep breath as she hears him walk towards the room.

She sees his large, young body for only a second before he is on top of her. Kissing her passionately. She is So ready for him and welcomes his largeness into her yielding body.

She moves with his rhythm. The first one comes hard and fast. She pulls herself up and pushes him onto his back. Now she is in control and takes her second pleasure. She knows just how to prolong it,  she can see that he is as excited as she is. She plays with him, milks him and brings him to the place where he is ready to explode with her. ‘FUUUUUucKeN HELL!!!’

She giggles as she rolls off him. That was Amazing!!

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