She sat at the kitchen counter. Champagne in hand. Watching him move around the kitchen preparing he gourmet meal. He’s wearing only an apron. She puts her glass down and walks around the counter. She meets him at the fridge. He pushes her against the fridge and kisses her. She reciprocates. She reaches her hands behind him. She separates his cheeks. She reaches and grabs the butt plug from the counter where she’d left it. She slides it into his welcoming crevice. He gasps. She spanks him once. Hard. She pushes him away and returns to her safe spot and watches him continue with his cooking.

She meets him at the same place again. This time she reaches for the nipple clamps. He loves those. The pain is his pleasure. As he turns off the gas she walks over to him, she pushes him onto his back on the floor. She straddles him and squats over his face. With the wooden spoon she hits him until he submits and give her the best eating out of her life. She gets off him, yanking the nipple clamps off at the same time. He comes to her looking for validation. She grabs the switch that she has places on the counter, and whips his balls. Hard. ‘You have been forward! Who gave you permission to eat me out?’ ‘This will not happen without my permission. If you are ever going to have that privilege again you will have to be retrained…

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