The Office

She has been out on a ladies night. As per usual, the talk had turned to men they find sexy. She’d told them about Mark, the guy from work who works in the same building as her, who she thinks is SUPER HOT. So far, they only say “hi” to each other when they bump into each other once in a while.

All the girls seemed to think it’s a good idea for her to make the first move. “Let him know how you feel. You are so sexy! He’s probably shy and just waiting for you to make a move”

The few glasses of wine have made her brave. When she gets home, she find his number on her phone where she had stored it from the staff contact list months ago.
She sends him a message: “Hi. It’s Sue from the office. This might seem sudden but what are you doing? I think you are REALLY hot and wouldn’t mind you coming to my place so that I can show you in person”. She presses send and then goes and jumps in the shower. She is nervously excited for his response. As she washes herself she pictures the way she wants the night to go.

She sees the blue light flashing….Deep breath….”Wow! This is unexpected, but not unwelcome. I guess from the time and the nature of the message that you have been drinking. I won’t come around tonight”
Her heart sinks. Her cheeks glow. “What an Idiot I am!! I feel like such a fool!!” she thinks.

Another blue flash. She reads the message with trepidation. “However, I have always perved over you so this is what I suggest. If you still feel the same in the morning, wear that sexy little red dress of yours without panties and wait for me on the office roof at 7am. I want you to be leaning over the wall when I arrive.”

Not what she expected but the suggestion gets her all excited. She barely sleeps with the anticipation and doubts running through her head. So much could go wrong. Not the least of which is that he doesn’t turn up, or that someone “walks in” on them.

She gets up early. Goes to gym. Her mind is full of the thoughts of the possibilities of later.

She decides to leave her bag and everything in her car which she doesn’t park in her usual spot. She doesn’t want anyone else to know she is there yet.

She pushes the lift button to the top floor. Gets out and takes the last flight of semi hidden steps to the roof. She sighs in relief when the door opens. Her heart is pounding. Her palms are sweaty.

It’s 6H58. She assumes the instructed position. She feels a bit silly. Has she been set up? All sorts of doubts start running through her mind. She looks over at the opposite office building. She can see a few people out on the various balconies having their morning smoke. She sees the time is 7H02. “What are you doing?!!!” She is just about to turn around and leave when she hears the door open and then close behind her.

Her heart is racing. Her breath has quickened. She is SO wett.

She feels his strong hands on her shoulders. She hears his zip open. He lifts up her dress. She bends into him. Without any preamble, she feels him enter her. She gasps. At the same time her mind registers the feeling of a condom. She is relieved.

That is the last sane thought for a while. He is power pounding her. She looks up and realised that some of the smokers have started watching. This gets her even more excited.

She loses herself in the waves of pleasure exploding through her body. She feels and hears his excitement mount as hers does. She explodes loudly and seconds later she feels and hears his release.

She collapses forward over the wall. When she regains herself and turns around, he is gone.

She realizes that she doesn’t even know for sure that it was him.

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