The 3 Sum

We went to the sex shop together and bought all sorts of toys and props for the night.
Both of them are into rough play. I’m not, so we agreed that they weren’t allowed to get rough with me and as a precaution I got a leather paddle to beat them off if needs be.

As a bit of irony and fun role swap, I dressed as a DOM and she wore a nurses outfit.
He wore a really sexy tailored suit.
We got ready, and put the array of toys and props on the kitchen counter and had a drink or 2 waiting for her.
She arrived and walked straight up to me and kissed me.
Then he grabbed her and kissed her and while he did he put cuffs on her.
He cuffed her, tied her hands together and bent her over the counter.
He proceeded to power fuck her with a g spot dildo til she squirted.
I was at the other side of the counter kissing her and playing with her boobs etc.
Then we gave him a bit of attention.
Then they lay me on my back over the counter. He stood at the side of my head and she was at the opposite side
She used a different toy on me while I gave him and upside down bj.
At some stage he also played with the toy on me while she went down on me.
I can’t remember all the details from there, but we went upstairs and played in the loft with the door to the balcony open while there was a huge storm raging outside.
At some stage her and I were playing with each other outside on the balcony.
We ordered take away pizza and when the delivery guy arrived she went to open the door in her Nurses outfit without underwear.
He went to go and pay with his card. Only suite pants on…
I went to check that everyone was OK. Full DOM get up!
The poor guy didn’t know where to look!!
Back up and a lot of play. Him and me, him and her. Me and her, all 3 of us.
We were busy for about 5 hours.
It finally ended when they had me sitting on a chair, blindfolded with hands cuffed to the rail.
Who know who was doing what to me or each other. …..

A lingering memory.


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