After action

She gets in her car and starts driving home. Her mind full of images from the morning. His muscles expanding and rippling as he pushes the weights. The way his tiny shorts expand to almost tearing against his perfectly pumped and defined legs.

The way he stands and watches her when its her turn. The smell of him.

The way he does a strip show every morning. Starting with his long vest, then down to the hugging T-Shirt and finally the last few sets get done in the tiniest of vests. She has to hold back from tracing every grove between the muscles with her fingers.

She comes to and focuses…. she has driven to his house.

What can a girl do? She messages him. “I’m at your gate, please open”

He is waiting at the open door. Freshly out of the shower with only a towel covering him. She pushes past him saying “I need to shower please”. She takes off her top while she is walking. The other items come off and she climbs into the shower.

She feels his presence as he walks through the door. The light thump as the towel lands on the floor. The fresh air as the door is opened.

His hands are full of shower gel as he starts washing her from behind her. At first he washes the stomach and shoulders, purposely missing the erect nipples. She strains towards his hands. Finally he is caressing them.

She can’t take much more. She turns around, pushes him against the wall and goes down on her knees in front of him. Now it is his turn to strain into her warm, wet mouth. She looks up and locks eyes with him. She can see his pleasure grow….

He pulls her to her feet, turns her around so that she is pressed up against the wall. He quickly enters her from behind. She is SO ready for him.

It is hard, and fast and they both explode at the same time.

He pulls out, washes himself off and leaves the shower.

She rinses herself off , gets out and wraps a towel around her.

She walks past him on her way out. “Thanks. I’ll bring the towel to gym in the morning”


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