Ass Inspection

She arrived wearing a summer dress and heals to show off her legs to their best advantage.

He met her with surprise at the door “I’m impressed. Not many people find my place on their own”. She just smiled. Not just because of that comment but because she was very happy with what met her eyes. “He’s HOT” she thought.

He poured their wine and they sat at the outside table making small talk. After a short while he moved around and sat in the chair next to her because he couldn’t hear her clearly.

There was a definite chemistry. They leaned in to each other and touched to emphasized what they were saying. The touch of his hand against the bare flesh of her legs sent shivers of excitement through her.
After the 2nd glass of wine she excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned he was standing up waiting for her. “Time for the inspection” he said. She turned around and he inspected her glutes. (He has said that he needs to inspect her glutes to see if all her training was paying off)
‘Nice! That’s a great ass!” He gave it a good inspection with his hands. Her heart was pounding, her breath increased in pace.
“Thank you” she said and sat down again.
He sat next to her and leaned in saying “Time to show me how well you kiss”. She showed him. More than willingly. She started moaning softly. Every part of her melting into him. She could barley control her breathing.
They eventually pulled away and she drained her glass.
He stood up “I’m going to get more wine. Go and wait for me in my room” She did as instructed. Something about him taking control made her even more turned on.
She lay face down on the bed. He came in a and put the glasses on the side table. He climbed onto the bed and removed her shoes. He lifted her dress and kissed the ass that he had been inspecting earlier. Her body arched into him.
After a few minutes of kissing, prodding and licking, he flipped her over. His warm lips and tongue were urgent in the attention he was giving her. She couldn’t relax and enjoy it as it should have as she was desperate to feel him inside her. (She also needed to see his cock)
She pushed him onto his back as she started removing his clothes. Finally she had his cock in her hand. She liked what she saw and felt. Not the longest cock she’s ever experienced but its girth was perfect! She put him into her mouth. He was perfect. She grabbed the condom, put it in her mouth and slid it over him.
He was clearly enjoying this too.
She straddled him. He felt amazing!! She was fucking him. He wanted his pleasure so he rolled over so that he could take control. He pounded her hard. ‘Fuck me hard!”. He did. He rolled her over and grabbed her hair as he pounded into her.
He blows his load.
He gets dressed and she stays naked as they take their wine and go and drink the wine outside again.
That was the first of 3 VERY good sessions for the night….


Quick Shooter

Since he’d joined the Crusaders he’d become quite popular. He was a bit of a novelty. Not only was he the only biker in good shape, but he was the only Chinese biker most people had ever seen.
Since moving out to his plot, and his most recent girlfriend leaving him, he hadn’t made too much effort with women. He was happy in his little home with only his 9 dogs for company.

Lately he’d had so many chicks hit on him. A lot of them were not attractive to him at all but every now and again, she’d be appealing enough to service him.

Today the guys from his club were visiting the head quarters of the sister club in the west. They were a rough bunch and the brandies and shooters were flowing. He looked up as he felt a change in energy around him and heard the comments. ‘Hot chick!’ ‘I could do some of that’ etc.

She seemed to know a number of guys who greeted her as she walked in. She gave back as much as she got and the guys lapped it up. She looked around and noticed him. ‘Who do we have here?’ She asked as she walked over to him. He let his eyes inspect her. He  liked what he saw. He introduced himself ‘Pleased to meet you. I’m G. What can I get you to drink?’

He ordered her drink and they stood making small talk for a while.  ‘How about a quick shooter?’ She offered him. ‘Only if you let me give you a quick shooter afterwards’ ‘Deal’

He lifted the glass, looked her in the eye, and challenged her ‘to new adventures’ . She tapped his glass and repeated ‘to new adventures’ and they downed their drinks.

As she put the glass down he took her by the hand and said ‘my turn’. ‘OK?’ But she followed him willingly to the ladies toilet. Into a cubicle.  He pushed her up against the door and kissed her . She responded hungrily.  His hands were working at her jeans to get them off. As soon as they were at her ankles he turned her around and bent her over the cistern.  He dropped his pants swiftly and took her from behind. She was very ready for him. He pounded hard. He could hear her mounting pleasure. He didn’t care. One final hard thrust and he was done.  He pulled out and pulled his pants up.  ‘What about me?’

‘You agreed to a quick shooter’

The Cyclist

He struggled to get up at 4H30 on Saturday mornings for his weekly cycle with the group. But knowing he would see her, got him moving.

The usual bunch gathering with their bikes. The ‘morning people’ cracking jokes, those like him silently trying to stay awake.
‘Good morning’ there she is just in front of him. Riding gear is never flattering but she wears them like the sexiest bikini.

He smiles and mumbles his ‘good morning’.
‘Are you going to catch me this morning?’ She asks with a mischievous challenge in her voice.
She is one of the top ladies in the pack. He usually pulls in at the front of the middle riders.
‘If I catch you, I take you to breakfast’ he replies.
‘Deal!’ She giggles.

And they’re off. She is far ahead of him before he even hits his stride. He puts his head down and his bike starts eating away at the usual 80km’s. He is aware of every muscle in his body. There is a fire burning in his chest.

They are heading home with about 10km’s to go. He risks looking up. She is just ahead of him. He increases his cadence. It feels like his chest will explode.
He looks up. The end is in site and her firm butt is within reach. Head down and power that is motivated by the 100’s of fantasies he’s had about her.
He flies past her as they enter the finish.

Every part of him is burning as he dismounts. Adrenaline and endorphin’s flowing.

He turns around and watches as she arrives and dismounts. A look of disbelieving shock on her face.

‘Breakfast?’ He asks with a huge grin.
‘Let me shower’ is her reply.

‘Its at my place. You can shower there’
‘OK?’ slightly hesitant.

He shows her the guest bathroom and leaves her and has a quick shower in the en-suite. He wraps a towel around his waist and starts preparing the breakfast.

Hearing soft footsteps he looks up to see her dressed in a light summers dress only with damp hair.

She sits on the bar stool as he pours her an orange juice.
He comes around to hand it to her. As he turns away, he feels her hand on his arm. He turns buck and sees her head tilted up to him expectantly.

He leans in for the kiss. Her passionate response causes an immediate stirring from his cock. He lift her up onto the counter. He slips her dress over her head. She isn’t wearing any underwear. He explores her cyclist body with his hands and lips. His head makes its way to between her legs. She lies back over the counter and pushed her throbbing vagina into him. She moans with pleasure. He takes his time. He is working her internal g-spot with a finger while his mouth can feel her clit swell in response to his licking and sucking.

He feels her muscles contracting and suddenly everything is wet as she exclaims with pleasure.

He lifts her off the counter and turns her around. He pushes her forward as he enters her. She pushes her tight ass back into him in time with his thrusts. He is so worked up it doesn’t take him long to explode. He collapses over her for a few seconds.

The best breakfast ever!

The Girl

He’d been invited to a braai with his colleague. They were good friends and due to their hectic work schedules, neither of them really had time to pursue relationships so they would often go as each others +1.

He was dressed in his casual stylish jeans and T-Shirt that lightly caught against his well defined pecs.
There were 10 of them at the house. After the introductions, Ryan, the hosts 18 year old daughter came and offered him a drink. He said he would go with her to see what was on offer.

He couldn’t help noticing the way her firm young body moved in her summer dress. He grabbed the beer from the fridge and then she offered to take him on a tour of the house. Anything to stay in the company of this exquisite, intelligent young creature.

They made small talk on their walk and he loved the way she spoke. So passionate about everything.
“How old are you?” she asked. “42” was his reply.
“I find older men very sexy. You guys are so confident and know what you are doing. I always feel so safe around you. I wouldn’t mind an older boyfriend”
He is taken aback but very excited at the same time.
‘Welcome to my room”. She leads him in and then closes the door.  She looks at him with naughty, expecting eyes.”Aren’t you going to show me how an older guy kisses?”
What could he do? The soft, eager lips. Her hands were on him. His on her.
Before he knew it he had her lying on the bed, gently exploring her body. She was making sounds of pure pleasure. He could hardly contain himself.
‘My turn!” she jumps up and pushes him up. She removes his shirt and starts kissing his chest. Her hands exploring his body. She loosens  his zip and button and slowly releases his raging hard on. She holds it in her hand and strokes it like a new toy. Looking up at him with a mischievous smile, she takes it between her lush lips and starts sucking and licking. He looks down at her firm body and the way its moving.
It’s too much! He pushes her back onto the bed and kisses her passionately and slowly enters her. She gasps and he hesitates. She starts moving her hips and that’s all the encouragement he needs.  It doesn’t take long for her to cry out in pleasure and to bite his shoulder hard as she explodes. That sends him over the edge too.
Whooa! What just happened? He has the teeth mark to remind him that is was real for a while after that.

The Last Word

He was arriving back in an hour.

Time to prepare herself. She shaved, scrubbed and cleaned every part of her body.
She put on the sexy black lingerie that he loved so much and her short, stylish dress.
Make-up done to perfection.
She hears the car pull up outside, takes a deep breath and composes herself.
The door opens and she is flooded with emotion. Attraction, lust, love but most of all Hate! She reminds herself that he doesn’t know that she knows. She puts on a smile and walks up to him and kisses him while she pulls him through the door.
She takes the bag out of his hand and puts it down as she leads him to the bedroom.
She pushes him onto the bed with is back resting against the headboard. She ties his hands up with the restrains that she’s attached to the bed in preparation.

She stands at the end of the bed where he has a good view of her firm body as she slowly pulls the dress over her head. She climbs onto the foot of the bed and crawls up to him seductively.

Starting at his foot and working her way upwards, kissing and licking every part of his body. Stopping to give his now throbbing member some special attention.
As she kisses him, she straightens hers legs and removes her lacy panties. She lowers herself onto his hard cock.
She uses his body and takes her pleasure in the way that she knows will bring her to her explosion quickly and powerfully.
It does!!
She gets off him, picks up her panties, gets off the beds and collects her dress and starts walking out the door.
“What the Fuck!? What are you doing? What about me?”
“Why don’t you scream like the coward you are and maybe Tanya will hear you and come and help you out”
She leaves without ever turning back

The Storm

They were sitting on the couch watching a movie. His favourite kind with lots of violence.

They become aware of the sound of thunder in the distance. The glass door is wide open and they feel a breeze build up.

The storm is rolling in. The lightning lights up the room. She is terrified of thunder and lightning and snuggles in to him. She can feel his arousal. This excites her.
Her hand pull his zip down and loosen the button. He always goes commando which makes access very easy. She slides off the couch and kneels in front of him. Her wet lips working their way up and down his large shaft. She looks up at him and sees his arousal reflected in his face.

A massive lightning strike! Her heart is thumping. Her terror and arousal mixed together. She feels the veins on his penis start to pulsate. It’s too much for her. She needs him inside her.

She pulls him off the couch. Onto his back on the floor. She has his pants off with one swift movement. She mounts him quickly.

Its raining hard and the wind has come up. She feels the wet wind blowing against her skin. The lightning and thunder is right above them. There is hardly any pause between the strikes.

As the storm mounts, so does her fear and excitement. She is riding him hard and fast. Every time she gets a fright her muscles contract hard around him.

Her body has started its own storm. She can feel her internal explosions starting in time with the lightning. As the lighting strikes something that trips the electricity they cum together. She collapses off him.

He can’t come near her for a while. The shocks continue for a good five minutes. She looks at him and smiles. She can tell that it was as good for him as for her.
She loves storms!

The Farm House

He heard a car come up the drive way. “That’s strange” He wasn’t expecting any visitors.

He is waiting on the porch as the car stops. Its a little silver Jimny. He watches as the door opens and she gets out. She’s wearing a little black dress with white flowers that softly follows the form of her slim, firm body. The breeze catches the dress as she walks towards him. He notices that she’s not wearing a bra. She has a serious nipple stand.

‘May I help you?’ He asks.

‘I’m looking at moving into the area and wondered if you know of any places like this that might be available to rent’

He doesn’t but he wants to keep her around for a bit. ‘Why don’t I show you around mine so that you can get a proper idea of what the places around here are like?’

‘Please’ she responds.

He opens the door for her and gets a good look at her ass as she walks in front of him. He wouldn’t mind a piece of that!

Its a very hot day so he is only wearing a pair of shorts. He suddenly becomes aware of his body as he’s notices her stare as he’s showing her the living area. He stops at the door of each new room he shows her and puts his hand on her back to usher her in in front of him.
He feels her body lean into his hand.

He ends the tour in the kitchen and opens the fridge and offers her a drink. She walks up to him to look at her options. She reaches past him and helps herself to a Savannah light. He takes it out of her hand with the full intention of opening it but he can’t help himself. He bends down and kisses her. She responds passionately. He picks her up and puts her on the counter. The cider next to her.
As she leans back he sees that she isn’t wearing any panties either. He kneels on the floor and places his face between her legs. She is clean shaven. The way he likes it. He starts off like a butterfly on a flower and slowly increases the licking and sucking. One large finger inside her. He can feel her muscles contracting around his finger as her excitement grows. He loves the taste of her. He can feel himself grow and throb.

He is moving his finger faster and continues to increase the sucking and licking. She cums hard and fast.

He stands up and drops his pants. He is deep inside her and pounds her hard.Her entire body is contracting. She cums again. She pushes him back onto a kitchen chair and mounts him. She rides him hard. She looks into his eyes and he can see her total arousal. He strains his hips up to her as he feels himself grow close to his end. ‘Come with me’. She locks eyes with him and rides him hard. ‘Oh! My! Fuck!’ She exclaims and as they explode in unison!