Dirty weekend

They arrived at the hotel for their dirty weekend away. The minute the lift doors closed, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately, his hand quickly moving under her dress. She responded hungrily, her hands clutching his broad shoulders. He pull away abruptly as the door opened. She followed him into the Hallway straightening her clothes.

He used the key card to open the door and stood out of the way so that she could walk in ahead of him.
“Surprise!’ Chorused out.
She smiled broadly as she noticed all the sexy people already in the room.

Everyone came up to greet her. Before she knew what was happening she was standing with a drink in her hand, chatting to Beautiful people with her favourite music playing in the background.

She smiled at her husband as he came up to her.
‘You sneaky devil! I had no idea’

He took her drink from her and lead her to an automan placed in the centre of the room. He kissed her slowly.
‘ Time for a little birthday game’
Everyone had moved closer.
He turned her around and unzipped her dress and removed it over her head, revealing her seductive lingerie. He asked her to kneel on the automan.
He reached into his pocket and brought out a soft blindfold which he covered her eyes with. He moved her hands and tied them behind her back with a soft restraint.
Her senses were peaked.
She felt his kiss, his tongue prodding her mouth hungrily. She became aware of a feather being stroked up and between the back of her legs. He pulled away. There were nails running through her hair. Ice being rubbed along her collar bone. The warm mouth it was in causing it to melt slowly and the drops running between her breasts. Two sets of lips working their way up her body. A vibrator being held against alternative
Nipples. Lips against hers, prodding them open
Sourness! The taste of lemon. More pairs of hands. Some male, some female. Massaging, stroking, scratching. Lips kissing the exposed parts of her skin. Her mind was racing. So many sensations from all the stimulation. She was dripping wet.
She became aware of her lingerie being removed. The hands and mouths exploring the freshly exposed skin. She lost count of the different mouths and tongues that she tasted, enjoyed and explored.
Her legs were pushed open. A vibrator was held against her clit. It was joined by a soft tongue. There were sounds of pleasure all around her. She could imagine all the sexual activities taking place around her. Warm oils was drizzled between her shoulder blades. It followed her curves and worked it’s way down to between her ass cheeks. Large hands started rubbing the oil into her back, following it’s train and slowly parted her ass cheeks, rubbing her brown rosebud. The licking had stopped and had been replaced by a man kissing her, sliding his legs between hers so that she was straddled over him. He guided her body so that she mounted his engorged cock. She felt a prodding at her ass. A butt plug was inserted into her. She cried out in pleasure. She rode him hard. There was a fresh pair of lips kissing her neck. Feminine hands, moving over her shoulders and back. The butt plug was suddenly removed.

She fell a new gentle prodding. She leaned forward against the chest in front of her. More lube was being applied. A brand new sensation. She was being double penetrated. The hands on her shoulders were female. She was being fucked in the ass by a strap on. She lost focus of anything other that the extreme pleasure she was experiencing. It didn’t take her long to grab onto the large shoulders in front of her and cry out as a massive orgasm ripped through her.

‘Mother fucker! Happy birthday to me!’


He was playing golf again. He seemed to be either at work or working on the golf course lately. She could easily be suspicious and start accusing him of having an affair bit she was wiser than that. She did all his shopping and had kitted him out in the latest, very colourful, fashions a few weeks ago, getting rid of his old kit at the same time. He was easily recognisable from their house that overlooked the golf course, even without the binoculars.

She heard a knock on the door. It was her husband’s, drop dead gorgeous, kaddy. (She wasn’t ashamed to admit that she had had a strong hand in having him employed)

“He sent me to fetch a new 9 iron. Apparently it’s his lucky iron and right now he needs all the luck he can get”

“Follow me, let’s see what I can find for you”

He followed her through the the mansion. His eyes drawn to her perky ass, barely covered by her seductive summer dress. She lead him onto the balcony overlooking the golf course.

“Help me spot him”

He came and stood next to her.
“There he is on the 6th In the lumo yellow shirt”

She rose up onto her toes and put her arms around his neck.
“If only he could see me as well as I can see him.”
She pulled him in and kissed him. He hesitated only for a few seconds before giving in and returning the kiss.
“I know he treats you badly. Let me help you take your revenge. Take me…” She looked up at him with a cheeky, seductive smile.

She leaned over the balcony, looked over her shoulder at him and lifted her dress. She wasn’t wearing any underwear.
He loosened his pants and released his hard cock. He spat on his fingers and rubbed the spit on his cock before grabbing her shoulders and thrusting into her.

“Fuck me like you own me”
She watched her husband move around below them. He kept looking up at the house, as if trying to see where the caddy was with his iron. It turned her on more than she’d ever admit knowing that she was being controlled while controlling his game.
The grunting behind her grew more intense. She pushed back hard into each trust. She concentrated on her breathing in order to hold her orgasm back.
“Come on Caddy boy, show me who’s in charge!”
He grabbed her hair and let our a roar as he pulled out and came on her back.

She turned around , pulled her dress over the wetness and went to get the golf club.

“Here’s the stick. Tell my husband I miss him. Let yourself out.”

Bad boy

Bad boy

She was sitting on the counter next to him while he was making dinner for them. They had been ‘friends’ for a while, but this was the first time she was at his house.
“I’m ready to hear your back story. You promised me you’d tell me when I came for dinner. No judgement, I promise”

“Ok, you asked. Ive recently been deported from the UK. I went over on a working visa and worked various casual jobs. While working on a wiring job, I met a guy who took me out clubbing. He was clearly very popular and seemed to know everyone. Money didn’t seem to be problem as he wouldn’t let me pay for anything. The short story is that he was a dealer. I quickly became one too. I lived my best life for close to two years. It all came crashing down when my apartment was raided after a tip off. I spent six months in Her Majesty’s Service before being deported”

She suddenly found herself extremely attracted to him. Something about knowing what a bad boy he was, turned her on.
“How did you pass the time in jail?”

“I read and fantasised. I fantasised about going down on a sexy woman sitting on my counter. Would you like to help make that fantasy become a reality?”

She looked him in the eyes while opening her legs. She lifted her hips and removed her panties.

He bent his head to hers, looked deeply into her eyes before taking her in a passionate kiss. She was breathless as he let her go and moved down. She arched her back and gave him full access to her.

He took his time tasting her. He started licking her with a soft, firm tongue. Her clit was swelling. He inserted a finger into her. She pushed against him. He was stroking her g-spot and sucking her clit. He read her bodies responses perfectly, giving her more of what it craved. Her breathing quickened, her internal muscles started contracting. She looked down at this handsom, well built man between her legs. He sped up all his movements. She closed her eyes and let out a long moan as her body rocked with pleasure.

He stood up and gave her a soft kiss.
“Thank you.”
He carried on cooking as if nothing had happened.


She’d been helping out at a fund raiser. There was a mix of ladies and a few older men helping out. Most of the ladies seemed very conservative.

She noticed him as soon as he got out of the car and started walking towards them. One of the ladies at the other side of the room said:
“I’d like some of that!” Loudly enough for all of them to hear.

“I’ll cut you Bitch!” Was her first thought. After having a good look at the gorgeous blonde who had made the statement, she had another idea.

He walked up to her and kissed her hello.
“I may have a surprise for you”
She took his hand and let him to the blonde.

“Hi, we’d like to invite you back to our place to get some of what you asked for”
The woman’s eyes grew large as she seemed to process things.
“Why the hell not! Let me grab my things. I’ll follow you in my car”

“What’s going on?” He asked her on the way home.
“She said that she wants some of you, and I’ve decided that’s going to happen”

She made sure that they all had a few shooter and long drinks too. The small talk seemed easy and turned to sexy talk.

“It’s time to make your wish come true. The only rule is that as he’s my man, I will give the instructions and you will obey”

They all went through to the bedroom and got naked. She instructed her man and the blonde to kiss and get physically acquainted. She enjoyed watching the blonde respond to him. She could see she was really turned on.

“I want you to taste her”
He pushed her back on the bed and went down on her. It didn’t take long for her to start thrusting into him. He knew how to take her slowly to the edge and to keep her there for a while before pushing her right over. She cried out as she exploded all over him.

“Now it’s your turn to thank him. He’s always had a fantasy that I won’t fulfill for him. You are going to give him exactly what he wants.”

“Of course, anything!” She was his to do with as he pleased.

“I want you on your hands and knees”
“Now spread yourself for him.”

“Baby, I want you to lube yourself up. Lube her ass up too and fuck her on the ass the way you’ve always wanted to.”

This seemed to turn the blonde on even more and she spread her cheeks wider, looking back at him over her shoulders.

He covered his cock with lube and then poured lube between her ass cheeks. He used his fingers to rub some around her entrance. He slowly inserted on finger into her. She let out a gasp but quickly relaxed and seemed to start enjoying it. He added another finger. She was definitely enjoying it. He was hard and throbbing.
“Fuck her”

He put on a condom and inserted his cock slowly. She pushed back into him. That was all the encouragement he needed.

She knew that they were both otherwise occupied so she quickly removed her dress. She put on the strap-on that she had bought with the hopes of being able to use it one day. She put a condom on the dildo and added large amounts of lube. She moved in behind him. Kissed him on his neck. She used a lube covered finger to open his ass.

“What are you doing?” He look back at her.
“I’m making my fantasy come true. Just relax and enjoy.”

She slowly inserted the dildo into his ass. She quickly started moving with the rythm that he was using.

He relaxed Into the sensation and it didn’t take longer than a few minutes before he let out a cry and exploded.

The blonde had helped both of them achieve a fantasy. She’d be welcomed back.

Bushveld hike

It was a hosted hike through The Kruger National Park. She was the wildlife guide provided by the South African National Hikers Park Services to host a 30 person afternoon hike through the lush South African bushveld.

Annamarie was a curvy, blonde Afrikaans girl. Dressed in 2 tone hiking attire. Her muscular calves lead up to strong thighs which filled her tight thigh high shorts. Her waisted nipped in sharply above her curvy ass. Her firm full breasts filled the issued uniform shirt.
The hiking group met Annamarie and her assistant, Fannie at the meeting point. The group were a mixed bunch of Germans and Dutch mostly.
The planned hike was into a lush green bushveld valley interlaced with streams and dams.
One of the men in the group was a very tall, large German. He was about 6 Foot 6 and was imposing in his person. (Clearly an athlete). He was accompanied by his winey girlfriend who was demanding of his time. This seemed to irritate him a little although he was very polite.
They started the hike and it was immediately evident that the two of them were substantially fitter than the crowd. There seemed to be a sense of competition growing between them. Now that she had had a chance to observe him on the hike she realised just how attractive he was.
After a quick consultation with Fannie, a decision was made that she would take her German on a slightly tougher route while the rest of the group stayed on the gentle path led by Fannie.
She turned to the German with a challenging smile and said “you look fit, let’s see if we can give you a go for your money” and with that she started briskly up a steep incline. He took a moment to appreciate her tight rear end encased in the karky shorts before setting off after her. “Man, she’s cute and physically impressive” he thought.
Annamarie took them up and around a steep incline. She knew the area well and deliberately took him to an area that she knew would be deserted.
For about ten minutes, they walked at a brisk pace, building up a sweat. There was a definite heat between them. From time to time he found his hand on her perky ass assisting her up a steep incline. He knew she could manage just fine without his aid, but that didn’t deter him. She seemed to choose a route with plenty of cause for assistance. Suddenly they burst off the trail into a small clearing. They stopped to catch their breath and she pointed out the rest of the group below them. “Do you know that they can’t see us at all?” She said to him with a cheeky grin.
“Then they are going to miss one hell of a show”, he said.
She giggled with what he read as excitement.
He took her hand and lead her to a large ant hill. He bent her over it and pulled her pants down over her curves hips. He spat on his finger and lubed his throbbing cock up before plunging deeply into her. She let out a gasp. He hesitated for a moment, allowing her body to adjust to his largeness before grabbing her shoulders and pulling himself repeatedly onto her hot, liquid centre.She bit her lip to suppress the sounds of her pleasure as she knew how sound travelled over the valley. She looked back at him whilst arching her back. “Fuck me hard and fast big man!”
He did and after a few minutes of heavy pounding he withdrew and come over the small of her back, staining the karky shirt.
She fixed her clothes “Quick, we need to get back to the others”
They sped up the pace and managed to reach the others just before the end of the hike.
He could see that his girlfriend was right at the front of the group, sidling up to Fannie. She didn’t notice them approaching and was saying “Well I think you’re very strong, Fannie” as they came into sight.
She immediately blushed and looked guilty as if she had been caught red handed.
He let her suck up to him for the rest of the day as if he hadn’t been fucking someone else like a wild animal

DP with a difference

They had played together a few times before and were really comfortable with each other.
They had all had dinner and a few drinks. The flirting and innuendos and laughter were flowing.
“I think you girls should give me a show”
They didn’t need much encouragement. He moved his chair away from the table as they chose their music and whispered about what they planned to do.
The music was turned on and both girls started walking towards him, hips swaying with sexy smiles on their faces. The one started touching herself in front of him while the other one went behind him. She reached her hands over and massaged his chest. Both girls leaned in and started whispering suggestive things into his ears. They kept gyrating against his body, running their hands over him. His shirt was removed. He wasn’t entirely sure by who and he didn’t care. S was straddling his lap, D was massaging his head and shoulders. They leaned in to each other and started kissing. He could feel himself growing hard.
“Let’s move this party to the bedroom”
He found himself being pushed back onto the bed. Both girls helped to remove his remaining clothes. They stood up and started kissing each other while removing their outer garments too. They were both wearing very sexy lingerie. He was stroking his cock as he watched them. The girls got onto the bed and started giving him a double blow job, one on either side of him. He had one hand on each girl and started playing with them through their panties. There was a lot of moaning going on.
S moved up his body and started kissing him. D carried on sucking his throbbing cock. After a short while, S stood up and removed her panties and lowered herself onto his cock that D was holding ready for her. D moved around and straddled his face as S started grinding on him. Both girls were moaning with pure pleasure. They were kissing and caressing each other. D come suddenly, without much warning. S seemed super turned on by it but she was wanting a lot more. D got up and left the room.
S was still grinding hard. She was getting very wet. He was big and hard inside her. He concentrated hard to hold back as he didn’t want to finish before her. D came back into the room. She got onto thee bed behind S. She moved his legs apart and moved up between them. She pashed S forward so that she was bent over his chest.
“Oh my FUCK” S cried out.
D was moving behind her. S was gripping his shoulders. He put his hands on her hips and helped her move. He realised that D was wearing a strap on and was fucking S’s ass with it. He could feel the pressure from the dildo on his penis. He couldn’t hold on much longer.
“I’m going to CUM!”
“Me Too”
They both exploded at the same time.

Freshly fucked

My pussy is still throbbing in the afterglow as I sit here reflecting on my afternoon.

It was a kids weekend full of birthday parties, swimming lessons and everything that goes with it.

We managed to fit in our usual quickies while they were playing, after they were asleep and in the shower but they are never fully satisfying for me.

He dropped the kids at home. I made sure that I was ready for him when he got back. Naked on the couch. He was pleasantly surprised and didn’t resit at all as I removed his clothes.

I positioned him so that he stood with his back to me. I sat down on the couch behind him. I reached my hand around him and took hold of his penis. As I started moving both hands up and down his engorged cock, I stuck my mouth between his butt cheeks and started rimming him. He tensed up at first but soon started to moan with pleasure. His cock was throbbing. I was getting really wett.

I stopped what I was doing and instructed him to sit on the couch. I stood in front of him and slowly lowered myself onto his hardness in reverse cowgirl style. I leaned forward so that he could watch himself enter me while I massaged his perineum. He had his hands on my hips and was assisting my movements.

I got off him and turned around. I lowered myself onto him and kissed him passionately as I rubbed my swollen clit on him. I was riding him hard. I could see that he was controlling his breathing, trying to last. It didn’t help.

“Oh shit!” He exploded and came for what felt like ages. I could feel him throb inside me

I finally got off him.

“My turn” and I lay over his lap.

He stuck two fingers inside me. My body responded immediately. I clamped down on his fingers and got even wetter. He finger fucked me hard. It didn’t take long for me to reach my climax.