Unplanned Voyeur

He had claimed the bar as his man cave. It opened onto the garden and swimming pool on the one side and on the other side it had glass sliding doors leading into the lounge area.
It had been a tough week and he decided to take some ‘man time’ and went into his bar, closed the glass doors and poured himself a drink. He looked up at a sound and saw that his partner was locking the sliding door. He carried on drinking his drink and watching the game on the TV.
He looked into the lounge and noticed that it was lit only with candles and the reflection of the TV. Once his eyes grew accustomed to the dim lighting, he saw his partner sitting on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table in front of her. Her dress was pulled up and he saw that her hands were between her legs. He realised that the dull buzzing sound that he hadn’t paid much attention to was the sound of a vibrator. Her eyes were glued to the TV. He tried to see what was on it, but the angle was wrong, and he could just see shadowy movements. His eyes were drawn back to his partner who seemed totally oblivious to his attention. He felt like a voyeur. He suddenly felt very aroused. He undid his pants and started touching himself. She was really getting into it. He could make out the strain on her thighs as she lifted her hips, inserting the vibrator deeper. His stroking turned to serious tugging. Seeing her pleasure herself, for herself and totally getting into it was such a turn on. Part of him wanted to force the door open and take her but he was so horny, he just kept on jerking himself off. It didn’t take him too long to cum. She was still pleasing herself.
He left her too it and finished watching his game.

Twisted Fantasy

It was date night. The usual rules applied. The person who set up the date had cart Blanche and the other person had to do whatever they were asked to do during the play.
Things had been getting hot and heavy. They had moved into the room. His clothes had come off. She was wearing a pink G-string, sheer stocking with bows on her thighs, stripper heels and a small, sexy lace negligee.
She had placed a chair in the corner of the room. She led him to it and asked him to sit. She took handcuffs that she has placed on the floor and cuffed him. She bent down and kissed him, moving down his body. Taking her time, licking and sucking his nipples, kissing a pathway down his rock-hard abs. It felt as though his cock was reaching up to her lips, it had a life of its own. She worked her way down and kissed the base of his cock, then she kissed his balls, back up again. She started kissing his shaft, working her way slowly towards his head. Finally, she engulfed his head in her wet, warm mouth. She sucked him for a few strokes and flicked her tongue over the nerve endings at the base of his head. He was groaning with pleasure.
She stopped abruptly. She stood up and produced a blindfold that she put on him. He heard her leave the room.
He heard movement in the room and then he felt the warm mouth back on him. Stopping suddenly, she stood up and removed his blind fold and walked to the bed. His eyes took a few minutes to adjust to the candle light. When he could focus again, he saw that she was on bed, sitting on her knees. She was not alone! She had a blonde woman with her. She was also dressed in sexy lingerie, stockings and heels. He recognised the girl. It was one of his ex shags. He had mentioned to his partner a few days earlier that they should ask her to join them for a threesome. His partner had been less than impressed with the suggestion and he’d been in the dog box for a few days.
The girls were facing each other. They leaned in and started kissing. Their hands were caressing each other. Girls where so gentle and yet so passionate. His happy cock was out of control. He had his own private show and he couldn’t join in or even get to his cock to play with it. He watched as the tops came off, releasing two very different sets of tits. Their nipples were rubbing against each other as their bodies pressed close during the kissing. His partner looked at him
“Is this what you wanted to do to her?”
She moved down the blonde’s body, taking her large tits in her hands. She took one nipple between her lips while she rubbed the other one with her hand. The girls both fell back onto the bed and it all became a little bit frantic. Kissing, licking, sucking, laughing. Panties off!!
He tried to release his hands but that wasn’t happening.
“Stop it! Sit there and watch! Those are the rules of this play”
His partner went down on the blonde. She got up after a while. When she returned to the bed, she was caring a vibrator. She kissed her and the blonde started begging her to go down on her again. She did. While she was licking her, she inserted the vibrator and started fucking her with it while she carried on licking and sucking her clit. The sounds of ecstasy were driving him crazy. He thought his cock would explode. The blonde came at least 3 times. He could tell that his partner was really getting off on it too.
She got up again. This time when she came back, she was wearing a strap-on. She got onto the blonde and kissed her. She inserted the dildo and started fucking her. The girls were in a world of their own. All his comments and begging to be released fell on deaf ears.
They changed positions a few times and finally the blonde came explosively. They collapsed in each other’s arms on the bed. Slowly coming down from the high.
At last, his partner told the blonde that she could kiss him goodbye. One passionate kiss, and she was gone.

Voyeur of my wife

She had gone out on a date. He had seen the photos and had full access to all the raunchy messages leading up to the night. He’d poured her drink and watched her as she carefully prepped herself for the meeting. Her excitement was palpable.
He was experiencing a mixture of excitement and jealousy.
He watched her carefully putting on her delicate lace panties, knowing that he would not be the one removing them later.

She was ready.
Her outfit was feminine, and yet she exuded power.

Her perfume lingered as she left the house.

He played the date over and over in his head, picturing the man’s face when he first saw her. Picturing him greeting her with a kiss. The way she would touch his arm and lean in to listen. Her laughter, his laughter. Her animated stories. The way she would listen to his as if they were the most fascinating tales she’d ever been told. He imagined her hand moving onto his leg under the table

It was a pleasurable torture knowing that his woman was enjoying another man’s company and knowing that the other man wanted her.

He heard the car stop outside. What felt like hours passed before he heard the fumbling at the door and the laughter.

He stayed where he was seated on the couch. He watched as they came into the dimly lit room. She lead her date to the liquor cabinet and offered him a drink. He poured one for each of them. She kissed him passionately to thank him and then took him by the hand and lead him to the couch. She seated her date on the far side of the couch. If he reached out he would be able to touch him
The agreement was that he would be a silent voyeur. He could watch, bit not participate in any way.

The date put his hands out and pulled her onto his lap facing him. She looked at her partner for a split second before becoming consumed with her dates kisses.

He watched as her body moved, large hands, one pulling her head closer and the other exploring her back and body.
Once again consumed with feeling of jealousy and lust.
Her hands started working the buttons on his shirt. She couldn’t wait and after she’d undone a few she pulled the shirt over his head,  exposing his large, chiseled chest which she started kissing straight away. She worked her way down his body until she was on her knees between his legs.  She looked Into her partner’s eyes and held his gaze while they both knew that she was unzipping her dates pants.

He saw a flash of flesh before it was taken between her lips. Her head moved up and down as she skillfully worked his cock between her lips. He could imaging the sensation of her tongue flicking over the head as she sucked, as he had experienced it himself many times. Her dress had ridden up, exposing her bouncing ass. Her date was leaning back, moaning with pleasure.

She stopped, caught her partner’s eye for a moment before looking up at her date.

‘Show me that you want me. Make me your Bitch’

In one swift movement he lifted her up by her shoulders as he stood up. He flipped her around so that she was on her knees facing the back of the couch. She was quivering with anticipation while she waited for him to put on his condom.
He took her by the shoulders and pulled her towards him as he plunged his massive, throbbing cock into her. The sound escaping her lips was a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her large breasts were being flattened against the couch.

His cock was swollen. He felt like he was watching an accident. He didn’t want to watch, but he couldn’t look away. He started stroking his cock.

After what seemed like ages, he pulled out of her and turned her around. He  picked her up and she hooked her legs around his waist as he slid into her and continued fucking her. It didn’t take her very long to cry out in pleasure as she came.
They didn’t stop. They seems to flow from position to to position, the fucking growing more intense. He lost count of the number of times she came.

He kept reaching a point where he almost orgasm-ed, and then had to stop and wait for the sensation to subside. He didn’t want to finish before them. He didn’t feel that it was right to orgasm at all in this situation. He was experiencing a painful pleasure.

Finally, he heard the date let out a roar of pleasure. He had come.
They untangled themselves, he put his clothes on and she walked him to the door. She thanked him for the night, kissed him goodbye and let him out.

She walked over to the couch.

‘Did you enjoy watching your wife being a dirty little slut? Did you enjoy watching that man fuck me?’


She straddled his lap, his cock entered her as if it was coming home.  She fucked him the way he liked it and they came hard together.

He smiled as he knew that no matter where else she went, or who else she was with, she would always come back to him.


They had booked the upmarket offices in the business hub of the city for their photoshoot.
Much to her surprise it was the GM of the company who met them to let them in. Once he had shown them around and made sure that she was happy, he disappeared. Not too long afterwards he returned with cuppachos and breakfast for everyone. That was not part of the agreement but was accepted gratefully by all.

She was aware of him in the background, magically appearing when they needed anything. The offices were beautiful and the shoot went quicker than anticipated.

She helped the main model and photographer carry their clothes and gear down to their cars. He walked with them in order to let them out.

She told him that she would need a few minutes to gather her belongings and to ensure that everything was back in its original place.

She was busy pushing the chairs in, in the boardroom when he walked in. He stood at the head of the long table.

‘Im ready for my payment.’ he looked her in the eye while he slowly undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. He had a massive, curved cock which was very errect.
She brushed past him to the side of the table. She sat on the table and then lay backwards so that her head was hanging over the edge right in front of him. She looked up at him and opened her mouth. He didn’t hesitate. He come closer and started fucking her mouth. The angle she was lying at allowed him to go deep into her throat. He fucked her with slow hard strokes. She started gagging. This turned him on immensely and he pounded harder. After a while, he pulled out and instructed her to get in front of him and to lean over the desk. He pulled her into him with his massive hands on her slim hips. She was groaning with pleasure. He took her hard.

‘I want to cum in your mouth’

He pulled out and spun her around. She was on her knees receiving his cum as instructed, looking up at him. When he was done and pulled out of her mouth she licked the last few drops off her lips.

He pulled up his pants and waited for her to join him so that he could let her out.

‘Thank you. You may request the use of my offices whenever you need them.’



ife had happened. Issues with children, new jobs and extensive travel. The honeymoon was over.

There was still regular sex, almost daily but it could be described as functional fucking at best.
She had been to a bachelorette party the weekend before and the entertainment was a woman giving tips on Hand Jobs and blow jobs. There was also a section with anonymous questions and answers.
Her question had been: ‘How do I put the spark back in my relationship after life has taken over?”
The answers were very informative. “Take initiative. Don’t wait for him to initiate exciting sex. If you want it, you need to make it happen”
“Flirt with him. Sexy lunch box notes, sexts, naughty pictures”
“Appeal to his ego. Tell him how good he looks. How you love his eyes, big hands, legs etc.”
‘Organise a date night when the kids are out of the house”
“Go away for a DW”
She contacted her sister and set up a time for the kids to spend a weekend with them.
He arrived home from work. She met him at the door with a kiss and a tequila.
He hesitated for a moment, surprised by her actions, then downed the tequila and kissed her thank you.
He walked into the house and she gave him a whiskey and asked him to follow her to the bedroom. She had laid out some casual clothes for him on the bed. She asked him to change into them. He was just finished when the doorbell rang. He went to answer it and was surprised to see a man in uniform at the door.
“Here are the bags” she said from behind him. The chauffeur picked up the bags and they followed him out to the Limo.
Once they were seated with a glass of bubbles in her hands and a whiskey in his, he turned to her and asked what was going on.
“I miss us. We’re going away for the weekend to reconnect”
She took his glass from his hand and placed it in the glass holder next to his. She straddled his lap and proceeded to kiss him. He responded with passion.
“I love you. I have missed your sexy body. I have dreams about your beautiful cock”
Her hands had slid under his shirt and were caressing his chest. She removed his shirt and slid down between his legs. She slowly removed his pants.She took his cock between her hands and started manipulating it. She turned away for a minute and quickly found the small package she’s managed to place on the bench without him noticing earlier. She turned back to him and made eye contacts with a naughty grin. She slowly lowered her mouth over his engorged cock, maintaining eye contact.He felt a strange sensation as her hands started moving the condom further down his cock as her mouth kept riding his head.The trill of the unexpected sensation made him grow even more.She moved her body to the side of him. Her short dress had ridden up, exposing her bare ass. He reached over and explored her wetness as she continued to suck him. One hand worked as an extension of her mouth while the other one moved down, playing with his balls for a while before moving lower, caressing his perineum.She could feel the throbbing of his cock. She looked up at him and made a “mmmmm” noise, showing him how much she was enjoying herself. His hips were tilting towards her. She removed the condom with her mouth.

Her hands were still working his shaft.

“Cum on my face”
He exploded all over her face.
This was the start of a HOT weekend of reconnecting.