They had booked the upmarket offices in the business hub of the city for their photoshoot.
Much to her surprise it was the GM of the company who met them to let them in. Once he had shown them around and made sure that she was happy, he disappeared. Not too long afterwards he returned with cuppachos and breakfast for everyone. That was not part of the agreement but was accepted gratefully by all.

She was aware of him in the background, magically appearing when they needed anything. The offices were beautiful and the shoot went quicker than anticipated.

She helped the main model and photographer carry their clothes and gear down to their cars. He walked with them in order to let them out.

She told him that she would need a few minutes to gather her belongings and to ensure that everything was back in its original place.

She was busy pushing the chairs in, in the boardroom when he walked in. He stood at the head of the long table.

‘Im ready for my payment.’ he looked her in the eye while he slowly undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. He had a massive, curved cock which was very errect.
She brushed past him to the side of the table. She sat on the table and then lay backwards so that her head was hanging over the edge right in front of him. She looked up at him and opened her mouth. He didn’t hesitate. He come closer and started fucking her mouth. The angle she was lying at allowed him to go deep into her throat. He fucked her with slow hard strokes. She started gagging. This turned him on immensely and he pounded harder. After a while, he pulled out and instructed her to get in front of him and to lean over the desk. He pulled her into him with his massive hands on her slim hips. She was groaning with pleasure. He took her hard.

‘I want to cum in your mouth’

He pulled out and spun her around. She was on her knees receiving his cum as instructed, looking up at him. When he was done and pulled out of her mouth she licked the last few drops off her lips.

He pulled up his pants and waited for her to join him so that he could let her out.

‘Thank you. You may request the use of my offices whenever you need them.’



ife had happened. Issues with children, new jobs and extensive travel. The honeymoon was over.

There was still regular sex, almost daily but it could be described as functional fucking at best.
She had been to a bachelorette party the weekend before and the entertainment was a woman giving tips on Hand Jobs and blow jobs. There was also a section with anonymous questions and answers.
Her question had been: ‘How do I put the spark back in my relationship after life has taken over?”
The answers were very informative. “Take initiative. Don’t wait for him to initiate exciting sex. If you want it, you need to make it happen”
“Flirt with him. Sexy lunch box notes, sexts, naughty pictures”
“Appeal to his ego. Tell him how good he looks. How you love his eyes, big hands, legs etc.”
‘Organise a date night when the kids are out of the house”
“Go away for a DW”
She contacted her sister and set up a time for the kids to spend a weekend with them.
He arrived home from work. She met him at the door with a kiss and a tequila.
He hesitated for a moment, surprised by her actions, then downed the tequila and kissed her thank you.
He walked into the house and she gave him a whiskey and asked him to follow her to the bedroom. She had laid out some casual clothes for him on the bed. She asked him to change into them. He was just finished when the doorbell rang. He went to answer it and was surprised to see a man in uniform at the door.
“Here are the bags” she said from behind him. The chauffeur picked up the bags and they followed him out to the Limo.
Once they were seated with a glass of bubbles in her hands and a whiskey in his, he turned to her and asked what was going on.
“I miss us. We’re going away for the weekend to reconnect”
She took his glass from his hand and placed it in the glass holder next to his. She straddled his lap and proceeded to kiss him. He responded with passion.
“I love you. I have missed your sexy body. I have dreams about your beautiful cock”
Her hands had slid under his shirt and were caressing his chest. She removed his shirt and slid down between his legs. She slowly removed his pants.She took his cock between her hands and started manipulating it. She turned away for a minute and quickly found the small package she’s managed to place on the bench without him noticing earlier. She turned back to him and made eye contacts with a naughty grin. She slowly lowered her mouth over his engorged cock, maintaining eye contact.He felt a strange sensation as her hands started moving the condom further down his cock as her mouth kept riding his head.The trill of the unexpected sensation made him grow even more.She moved her body to the side of him. Her short dress had ridden up, exposing her bare ass. He reached over and explored her wetness as she continued to suck him. One hand worked as an extension of her mouth while the other one moved down, playing with his balls for a while before moving lower, caressing his perineum.She could feel the throbbing of his cock. She looked up at him and made a “mmmmm” noise, showing him how much she was enjoying herself. His hips were tilting towards her. She removed the condom with her mouth.

Her hands were still working his shaft.

“Cum on my face”
He exploded all over her face.
This was the start of a HOT weekend of reconnecting.

Dirty weekend

They arrived at the hotel for their dirty weekend away. The minute the lift doors closed, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately, his hand quickly moving under her dress. She responded hungrily, her hands clutching his broad shoulders. He pull away abruptly as the door opened. She followed him into the Hallway straightening her clothes.

He used the key card to open the door and stood out of the way so that she could walk in ahead of him.
“Surprise!’ Chorused out.
She smiled broadly as she noticed all the sexy people already in the room.

Everyone came up to greet her. Before she knew what was happening she was standing with a drink in her hand, chatting to Beautiful people with her favourite music playing in the background.

She smiled at her husband as he came up to her.
‘You sneaky devil! I had no idea’

He took her drink from her and lead her to an automan placed in the centre of the room. He kissed her slowly.
‘ Time for a little birthday game’
Everyone had moved closer.
He turned her around and unzipped her dress and removed it over her head, revealing her seductive lingerie. He asked her to kneel on the automan.
He reached into his pocket and brought out a soft blindfold which he covered her eyes with. He moved her hands and tied them behind her back with a soft restraint.
Her senses were peaked.
She felt his kiss, his tongue prodding her mouth hungrily. She became aware of a feather being stroked up and between the back of her legs. He pulled away. There were nails running through her hair. Ice being rubbed along her collar bone. The warm mouth it was in causing it to melt slowly and the drops running between her breasts. Two sets of lips working their way up her body. A vibrator being held against alternative
Nipples. Lips against hers, prodding them open
Sourness! The taste of lemon. More pairs of hands. Some male, some female. Massaging, stroking, scratching. Lips kissing the exposed parts of her skin. Her mind was racing. So many sensations from all the stimulation. She was dripping wet.
She became aware of her lingerie being removed. The hands and mouths exploring the freshly exposed skin. She lost count of the different mouths and tongues that she tasted, enjoyed and explored.
Her legs were pushed open. A vibrator was held against her clit. It was joined by a soft tongue. There were sounds of pleasure all around her. She could imagine all the sexual activities taking place around her. Warm oils was drizzled between her shoulder blades. It followed her curves and worked it’s way down to between her ass cheeks. Large hands started rubbing the oil into her back, following it’s train and slowly parted her ass cheeks, rubbing her brown rosebud. The licking had stopped and had been replaced by a man kissing her, sliding his legs between hers so that she was straddled over him. He guided her body so that she mounted his engorged cock. She felt a prodding at her ass. A butt plug was inserted into her. She cried out in pleasure. She rode him hard. There was a fresh pair of lips kissing her neck. Feminine hands, moving over her shoulders and back. The butt plug was suddenly removed.

She fell a new gentle prodding. She leaned forward against the chest in front of her. More lube was being applied. A brand new sensation. She was being double penetrated. The hands on her shoulders were female. She was being fucked in the ass by a strap on. She lost focus of anything other that the extreme pleasure she was experiencing. It didn’t take her long to grab onto the large shoulders in front of her and cry out as a massive orgasm ripped through her.

‘Mother fucker! Happy birthday to me!’


He was playing golf again. He seemed to be either at work or working on the golf course lately. She could easily be suspicious and start accusing him of having an affair bit she was wiser than that. She did all his shopping and had kitted him out in the latest, very colourful, fashions a few weeks ago, getting rid of his old kit at the same time. He was easily recognisable from their house that overlooked the golf course, even without the binoculars.

She heard a knock on the door. It was her husband’s, drop dead gorgeous, kaddy. (She wasn’t ashamed to admit that she had had a strong hand in having him employed)

“He sent me to fetch a new 9 iron. Apparently it’s his lucky iron and right now he needs all the luck he can get”

“Follow me, let’s see what I can find for you”

He followed her through the the mansion. His eyes drawn to her perky ass, barely covered by her seductive summer dress. She lead him onto the balcony overlooking the golf course.

“Help me spot him”

He came and stood next to her.
“There he is on the 6th In the lumo yellow shirt”

She rose up onto her toes and put her arms around his neck.
“If only he could see me as well as I can see him.”
She pulled him in and kissed him. He hesitated only for a few seconds before giving in and returning the kiss.
“I know he treats you badly. Let me help you take your revenge. Take me…” She looked up at him with a cheeky, seductive smile.

She leaned over the balcony, looked over her shoulder at him and lifted her dress. She wasn’t wearing any underwear.
He loosened his pants and released his hard cock. He spat on his fingers and rubbed the spit on his cock before grabbing her shoulders and thrusting into her.

“Fuck me like you own me”
She watched her husband move around below them. He kept looking up at the house, as if trying to see where the caddy was with his iron. It turned her on more than she’d ever admit knowing that she was being controlled while controlling his game.
The grunting behind her grew more intense. She pushed back hard into each trust. She concentrated on her breathing in order to hold her orgasm back.
“Come on Caddy boy, show me who’s in charge!”
He grabbed her hair and let our a roar as he pulled out and came on her back.

She turned around , pulled her dress over the wetness and went to get the golf club.

“Here’s the stick. Tell my husband I miss him. Let yourself out.”

Bad boy

Bad boy

She was sitting on the counter next to him while he was making dinner for them. They had been ‘friends’ for a while, but this was the first time she was at his house.
“I’m ready to hear your back story. You promised me you’d tell me when I came for dinner. No judgement, I promise”

“Ok, you asked. Ive recently been deported from the UK. I went over on a working visa and worked various casual jobs. While working on a wiring job, I met a guy who took me out clubbing. He was clearly very popular and seemed to know everyone. Money didn’t seem to be problem as he wouldn’t let me pay for anything. The short story is that he was a dealer. I quickly became one too. I lived my best life for close to two years. It all came crashing down when my apartment was raided after a tip off. I spent six months in Her Majesty’s Service before being deported”

She suddenly found herself extremely attracted to him. Something about knowing what a bad boy he was, turned her on.
“How did you pass the time in jail?”

“I read and fantasised. I fantasised about going down on a sexy woman sitting on my counter. Would you like to help make that fantasy become a reality?”

She looked him in the eyes while opening her legs. She lifted her hips and removed her panties.

He bent his head to hers, looked deeply into her eyes before taking her in a passionate kiss. She was breathless as he let her go and moved down. She arched her back and gave him full access to her.

He took his time tasting her. He started licking her with a soft, firm tongue. Her clit was swelling. He inserted a finger into her. She pushed against him. He was stroking her g-spot and sucking her clit. He read her bodies responses perfectly, giving her more of what it craved. Her breathing quickened, her internal muscles started contracting. She looked down at this handsom, well built man between her legs. He sped up all his movements. She closed her eyes and let out a long moan as her body rocked with pleasure.

He stood up and gave her a soft kiss.
“Thank you.”
He carried on cooking as if nothing had happened.